Monday, March 29, 2010

So much for best laid plans to write more often...


I kinda feel like a kid who's eyes are bigger than her stomach... my optimism about how much I can do in a set amount of time is a little ambitious!

Himself & I have watched Season I & II of "The Tudors" -- shown in the US on Showtime. Historically inaccurate, apparently, but lots of boobies for himself, which makes him happy :-)

Last night we changed the pace and watched Hugh Grant & Sarah Jessica Parker in "Did you hear what happened to the Morgans?" ~ which was so-so. Hugh is always funny (I think, anyways) -- SJP was ok. Then we watched "Couples Retreat" with Vince Vaughn, Jon Favreau & Jason Bateman -- and that had some really funny bits (in the embarrassing kind of way), and had some longer serious moments than I was prepared for, which I appreciated :-)

The Quilters Reunion was super fun -- I came back sick from lack of sleep - exposure to sick kiddoes -- and lots of raucous laughter and loud talking... and more laughter. I have come back wondering what the next 20 years will bring (was not this nostalgic or forward thinking after my 20-year High School Reunion!), and committed to not looking the same in 3 years (which is when we hope to get together againl...)

I'm still unemployed -- trying to start my own business and have a lot of fear with this... but believe this is the path I'm supposed to be on. The lack of funds right now is a little scary, however.

The next thing coming up is Contest for chorus in Pasadena. I'm feeling kind of done with contest and competition for chorus -- it sucks up money. I enjoy going and watching and not participating as much if not more than actually being a contestant and being part of the frenzy of competition. I think I'll be doing an "every other year" after this year.

Went and walked with L & P for 30 minutes at Rillito Wash yesterday afternoon -- a gorgeous day (though warm for me it did have a breeze :-)! I sat with P in Borders Bookstore yesterday for a few hours working out what to write in my business brochure - about how the business works, about me, and a bit more... extremely helpful to talk it out/write it out/ figure it out with someone.

Himself has started walling in the carport for what will eventually be the craft room/extra room for the 2nd fridge/freezer and stove (for bulk cooking and other crafting projects). Fingers crossed that the room will be finished enough to move stuff into by the end of May. Tax season has been the usual busy, so when he had a much-needed 5 day break (with vacation days) he did a little bit of nothing and 2 1/2 days of sawing, nailing and construction :-)

I almost forgot to mention that apparently I'm healthy... my blood work came back with no food allergies, no high cholesterol concerns, no blood sugar concerns (Praise God!!)... only pretty high blood pressure (178/100), so have changed medication and will see what that will do. Once that is under control then my counselor has said let's try the ADHD medication and see what that will do. Part of me is excited for that -- part of me -- not so much.