Thursday, December 30, 2010

Remember Me....?!

... Shaking dust from keyboard... hello out there... remember me...?!

This has been an absolutely amazing year, and the next one I anticipate to be as amazing or better... God is in the heavens and while all may be wrong in the world, luckily I don't have to worry about all that... I can just smile in faith, keep the hope in love, and sing.

I've started a weight loss journey blog...
it is called Walk, Breathe, Sing, Laugh, Give & Repeat

and I started in the middle of November without even knowing that my step-father would offer to pay for Medifast if I was open to trying it as a way to getting healthy. Seriously an answer to prayer, for it has opened up my trapped negative feelings about the relationship I have with him, and well, it is extremely generous, and well -- to sum it up... God is an Awesome God.

Originally it was going to be a log/accountability method of really getting serious with walking to get healthier -- and maybe even to start running again (after losing 100+ lbs first). Now I hope it will be an honest account of my experience - the good, the bad, the ugly, the sublime. The hope, the strength, the successes, the failures, the support, the stuff that makes me get the idea.

I really would like to be able to write every day. Both blogs, really -- this one for some of the lighter stuff -- singing, barbershop, quartet, Sweet Adelines, paper crafting and social activities, the other one for the emotional catharsis that I will be going through as I fight the food addiction and emotional eating issues.

It is a forever battle, this eating thing -- and I'm looking forward to Medifast as I would look forward to starting a school that demands all students to wear uniforms. Half of me is so excited to be limited with my choices, as it makes so many less demands on my energy and time and there's no arguing... no head-battles about squeezing in an extra point (not digging on WW, I adore WW and plan to go there after the Medifast Maintenance Plan) or having to choose from such a wide, delicious, tempting array of yumminess that exists in the world.

On the other hand, my inner 3-year old (whom I don't think has really come to understand exactly what is going to be *not eaten* for a long long long time... I don't say never, cuz that is just undermining at the starting line -- but "not now" will be a wonderful tool... but I digress) will soon be stamping her wee little foot and shaking her pig-tails and pouting her lips in anger... then she'll wheedle and cajole in a sweet little voice, "but you're a grown-up, remember...? You can have ANYTHING YOU WANT!!" and the fight will be between staying on plan or going off plan -- but I hope that battle won't be every second of every minute of every hour of every day of every... you get the drift.

I'm going to do another post, cuz this is getting long... but just wanted to wave to all of my followers (all 4 or 5 of you...) that I'm here and plan to be back in full force in 2011.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Region 21 2010 SAI Contest & stuff

How cool is it that I can renew a library book ONLINE?!?!?! Way Cool!!

Region 21 2010 Chorus Contest:
San Diego Chorus - 635 points
Tucson Desert Harmony Chorus - 578
Song of the Pines Chorus - 558
Inland Empire Chorus - 542
Enchanted Mesa Show Chorus - 535

Quartet Contest:
One Voice - 640
SparX! 640
Hypnotic 615
Affinity 611
Orange Crush 566

It was the best contest weekend I've experienced so far! Stayed with my brother... hung out a lot with C, my favorite bass from Hearts Afire & High Priority Quartet; and P. I drove out and the drive went well -- relaxing - the weather was cool and beautiful... we sang the plan and it was just a great great weekend!

I'm now back to business in starting the business ~ still procrastinating a little as I enter back into "normal" life... ugh. But laundry is started, and now to unpack the car, and am looking over the next two weeks of things to accomplish... and am starting a food log.

I want my peeps from Forth Valley Chorus to see less of me when I see them in October in Seattle. The walking was supposed to begin April 7th. But April 21st will be as fine a day as any.

Monday, April 05, 2010

Happy Belated Easter 2010!

Went to mom's with Auntie M and had a very lovely weekend!

Mom bought some new clothes ~ rare thing for her, and she looked good!

Visited Auntie J (mom's oldest sister) who has been suffering the last year through tongue cancer -- she looked great! That was a good visit, too!

Ate at El Encanto in Cave Creek ~ YUM!! But the pomegranite margaritas were VERY strong ;-)

Watched "The Blind Side" and it was everything they've said it is... Kathy Bates classic line,
"there is one thing you need to know about me. I'm a Democrat" LOL!!!

Busy week this week:
Music Team Meeting
counselor's appointment
attorney appointment for setting up a business...
craft classes this weekend (Flower Fairies to welcome Spring!)

Two trips to CA coming up -- Sweet Adelines in Pasadena, and Pepperdine Lectures in Malibu.

Rascal seems to have recovered from his ibuprofen overdose (Thank You Lord!)... he ate a baggie of ibuprofens that I'd had in luggage and left out on the kitchen counter -- he threw up all weekend I was gone for the Quilters Reunion... and continued throwing up for a week - 1/2 before we took him to the vet -- bland food (rice) for a week then slowly re-introduced dog food and he seems to be back to normal. Vet visit blood work showed pretty normal, they thought though that the intestinal lining and stomach lining were probably irritated from all the pills.


Monday, March 29, 2010

So much for best laid plans to write more often...


I kinda feel like a kid who's eyes are bigger than her stomach... my optimism about how much I can do in a set amount of time is a little ambitious!

Himself & I have watched Season I & II of "The Tudors" -- shown in the US on Showtime. Historically inaccurate, apparently, but lots of boobies for himself, which makes him happy :-)

Last night we changed the pace and watched Hugh Grant & Sarah Jessica Parker in "Did you hear what happened to the Morgans?" ~ which was so-so. Hugh is always funny (I think, anyways) -- SJP was ok. Then we watched "Couples Retreat" with Vince Vaughn, Jon Favreau & Jason Bateman -- and that had some really funny bits (in the embarrassing kind of way), and had some longer serious moments than I was prepared for, which I appreciated :-)

The Quilters Reunion was super fun -- I came back sick from lack of sleep - exposure to sick kiddoes -- and lots of raucous laughter and loud talking... and more laughter. I have come back wondering what the next 20 years will bring (was not this nostalgic or forward thinking after my 20-year High School Reunion!), and committed to not looking the same in 3 years (which is when we hope to get together againl...)

I'm still unemployed -- trying to start my own business and have a lot of fear with this... but believe this is the path I'm supposed to be on. The lack of funds right now is a little scary, however.

The next thing coming up is Contest for chorus in Pasadena. I'm feeling kind of done with contest and competition for chorus -- it sucks up money. I enjoy going and watching and not participating as much if not more than actually being a contestant and being part of the frenzy of competition. I think I'll be doing an "every other year" after this year.

Went and walked with L & P for 30 minutes at Rillito Wash yesterday afternoon -- a gorgeous day (though warm for me it did have a breeze :-)! I sat with P in Borders Bookstore yesterday for a few hours working out what to write in my business brochure - about how the business works, about me, and a bit more... extremely helpful to talk it out/write it out/ figure it out with someone.

Himself has started walling in the carport for what will eventually be the craft room/extra room for the 2nd fridge/freezer and stove (for bulk cooking and other crafting projects). Fingers crossed that the room will be finished enough to move stuff into by the end of May. Tax season has been the usual busy, so when he had a much-needed 5 day break (with vacation days) he did a little bit of nothing and 2 1/2 days of sawing, nailing and construction :-)

I almost forgot to mention that apparently I'm healthy... my blood work came back with no food allergies, no high cholesterol concerns, no blood sugar concerns (Praise God!!)... only pretty high blood pressure (178/100), so have changed medication and will see what that will do. Once that is under control then my counselor has said let's try the ADHD medication and see what that will do. Part of me is excited for that -- part of me -- not so much.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sunday, February 21, 2010

_Smiley Face Here_

Lookie Lookie!! It's gonna be a Senior Craft Class project eventually, but today this small pin was the "make and take" T & I did at the Stamp & Scrap Expo!

Eco Art Board
Stamp of choice
Inks of choice
Clear Micro Beads
Sticky Sticky Tape
small glass marble/bead
Thermal Foil Rolls

It's a 1-1/2 inch square, edged with the thin sticky tape (which is double-sided), which as metal foil along the side (which you can't see) - I chouse a brilliant blue. Stamp the white Eco-Art Board & color. (I used regular colored pencils). Then use the 1-1/2 inch sticky tape and attach to the top of the colored image. Attach the bead/marble, then dip in a container full of the clear beads. Attach the jewelry finding to the back.

Seriously a very cool effect, with very little effort!!

T & I had a nice day at the expo - and of course I come back all inspired!!

Right now I'm working on getting all my craft class photos in one place, so I can create a tri-fold brochure to explain who I am, what I do, and why it is necessary for Senior Citizens to have activities, and why someone should pay me for it.

I also found out what an ATC is today -- Artist Trading Cards - with very specific dimensions for crafty people and artists to exchange in person or by mail.

It is so easy to just look at all the cool stuff, and not actually do any creating (just buy all the tools...), so today was fun for the productivity we got to participate in!

Whoops ~ It's February 21st already!!!

Outside my Window: Sunny & Fresh (recent rain), cool and beautiful
I am Thinking: That I need to do activities that will bring in some income.
From the Kitchen: I made spaghetti last night -- not hardly worth posting.
I am Learning: That I can get up at the same time every day, regardless of what time I went to bed. That the amount of sleep I get or do not get is directly proportional to my level of cranky ;-) [nothing new here, just an observation of how grumpy I seem to be lately]
I am Wearing: nightgown & robe.
I am Creating: a brochure to promote my entertaining and crafting for seniors citizens.
I am Going: to the Tucson Rubberstamp & Scrapbook Expo today. But I have no money, which will make me depressed.
I am Reading: Boundaries ~ a Christian based book on what they are, how to set them, etc... excellent!! "When someone is denied the natural outcome of his or her actions, they become helpless." -- paraphrased, but huge for me!
I am Hoping: That I really will be able to give up processed sugar. I quit for a week, and then had a little, and it is like a drug -- once you go back it is harder to give up again. And I think it is like poison when consumed in the abundance of products in which it is a large-percentage ingredient.
I am Hearing: The John Tesh Radio Show -- :-)
Around the House: Not as bad as usual -- the living room has been dusted and vacuumed within the last 5 days (!) - Kitchen is not clean, but not overflowing with dishes, and I've started laundry.
One of my Favorite Things: Cinnamon PopTarts. *sigh* a no no on my no-sugar list!
A Few Plans for Next Week: Busy week... Chorus meeting, chorus rehearsal, SCORE appt (retired business owners helping wanna-be business owners in starting their own business), Scrapping weekend at friends over Rodeo Vacation (Tucson doesn't have President's Day holiday, we have two days at the end of February for Rodeo Vacation!), Barbershop Arranging workshop on Saturday. Hopefully will have a voice student in there, and will get these brochures done!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Laughing Until Your Cheeks Are Sore

The other night at Chili's ~ two friends & I (P & L) laughed so hard our faces hurt...

I was telling stories about my mother -- which I really can't share HERE, because too many people know exactly who I am ~ but I was thinking, after telling the Popcorn Salt Christmas Tale (which I can share, as we tell it to anyone who will listen to it -- every year... it is our own little Christmas Tradition now...), after L made the comment that this story could be a movie, kinda like "The Christmas Story" -- and after I shared the other "Multiple" story, that I really could write a lengthy essay or small book "stories about my mom" or something. This morning, after sleeping on it, I realize I have a lot of sources still to gather more stories, and it would be a good thing. Another project to put on the "Someday" list!

As I've started counseling, my eyes are opening to lots of choices I've made that I hadn't realized were made as my mother's daughter; not as my husband's wife. And that isn't even exploring making decisions as me, myself & I.

As the story-telling on my mom continued, bringing forth hearty, hooty & loud laughter -- I thought of my childhood ~ the only daughter of a single mom... who had some inconsistent good and not-so-good examples of father-figures... there certainly wasn't a rotating door of men or anything like that... far far from it. There were serious relationships, 2, maybe 3 if you count the User of Brazil; all of which were destined not to succeed for whatever reason.

She remarried after 37 years, and so it has been an interesting experience watching and experiencing my mother as a woman in love, in a relationship, and living as a wife. We both have struggled to put our husband(s) first; long habits are hard to break -- and both have come up short in some areas. We weren't able to put our husband first, which has put us on the path we're on.


Interesting things to think about.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Red Knicker Day

So, yesterday I was proven right in my predictions regarding my future with the TGC.

In order to do Special Projects for TGC I will have to submit a Request Proposal Form, in other words; I have to bid. When this decision was made and presented to me at the end of September 2009, I thought of this immediately... as an Independent Contractor I'd have no 'sway' or 'special relationship' with the organization, and who was to say that there would be a time when the Powers That Be would want to go outside of me for jobs they'd want done. And I was completely up front in saying that there are people out there who do these things (PR/Marketing plans, website design & upkeep, forms & fliers) who do it for a real living... it is all they do and they are professionals and will do a better job, at likely a higher price but in less time.

I smelled the dog, I knew this was coming -- as I think more about it this morning I'm so very very glad it came faster than later. When I was getting dressed yesterday I put on my red knickers.

Back in Scotland, some of the best training I have ever had was with a woman who had been contracted by Creative Memories to do Direct Sales training, Barbara Sharples. And she once said, "Women who wear Red Knickers rule the world." So, whenever I have a day coming that I know will hold special and unique challenges, I put on my red knickers. Yes, yesterday was a Red Knicker Day. (Translation: Knickers = Underwear, panties, lingerie)

I'm actually relieved. I feel free to say no. I still have a slightly bitter aftertaste in my mouth about how this whole thing came about... but now this meal is over, and I can truly move on. My prediction is that in 6 - 9 months things will be very different in the organization, not for the better.

In Other News:
I've picked up a second craft class (YAY) which is more money... And I now have a voice student who insists on paying me as well. (YAY YAY!!). So, I know that God is out there ~ and I just have to continue to Wait on Him, Trust Him, have Faith that where I am is where I'm supposed to be, and continue pursuing playing with the gifts and blessings He's given me. YEAH!

eta: correct spelling

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dec 26 - Jan 13... not weekly, but closer than previous posts!

Outside my Window: Dark & Chilly
I am Thinking: I've spent too many days thinking of how I want to re-organize my room; now I have to do the physical labor of sorting, organizing, purging, simplifying and prioritizing.
From the Kitchen: The brownies I made two days ago are already gone. They were good though. Tonight I reheated some of himself's really really tasty split pea soup with ham.
I am Learning: That people who are inflexible are so for a reason... all my good habits from before leaving for OKC flew out the window when I came back... my sink has not been shiny for awhile. I'm not being so judgemental of those folks who have to hang on to the discipline of routine and for whatever reason cannot vary their lives. (why is 'judgemental' being flagged as a typo?)
I am Wearing: Clothes... took a shower today (yes, this needs to be said...) I am dressed but NOT to shoes, and while I didn't do hair and makeup (per Flylady), I did brush my teeth :-). Don't judge me that I didn't do any of that until after 4:30pm.
I am Creating: a creating space.
I am Going: to clean my desk tonight, and fold the clean laundry in the dryer that has been there for over two weeks (just towels and socks and stuff like that).
I am Reading: Ransom -- a Scottish Romance Adventure. [no change, haven't read any more since Dec 26]
I am Hoping: That I can stay focused.
I am Hearing: a song that is overplayed on my radio station playlist, only Delilah is playing in her show... "Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it all...ya just might get it all....oh.. I'm goin' home, to the place where I belong..."
Around the House: a large (yet small) portion of my craft supplies are in the living room, my stamps are half-put away, mostly labeled (the big containers), and now I just need to be able to keep them somewhere as we gear toward getting my room done. More of my stuff is in Himself's Room on the guest bed. Ha. At least all of it keeps Rascal off that bed ;-) [absolutely no change here]
One of my Favorite Things: handwritten notes from long-time friends (notice I did not say OLD Friends! *lol*)
A Few Plans for Next Week: uuuuummhhhhhhgghhhhhhhhnnnnnn yeah. gotta work on that.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Thanks to Kat... would be great to do this weekly!! [Week 52 of 2009]

Outside my Window: Dark & Cold
I am Thinking: I've spent a few hours on thoughts of how I want to re-organize my room; now I have to work to earn the money to pay for it.
From the Kitchen: *hahahahaha* heated up mom's Lasagna (supposed to have made Elk Shepherd's Pie... looking like tomorrow instead)
I am Learning: That I'm not as great a communicator as I thought with my hubby. Better late, than never, I suppose -- and we had a good conversation today.
I am Wearing: normal clothes -- have my light vest thing on and the space heater on in my room, which makes the temp perfect for me. I am dressed to shoes, and while I didn't do hair and makeup (per Flylady), I did brush my teeth :-). Baby Steps Baby!!
I am Creating: I just created a 'room template' on Publisher, so I can draw furniture bird's eye view of how my room can be set up.
I am Going: This has the potential to be very long... I am going to put two pictures in two frames -- it will get rid of two projects that have been out and bugging me for a long long time!
I am Reading: Ransom -- a Scottish Romance Adventure.
I am Hoping: That I can stay focused on getting my Studio Office up and running, for so many things are relying on me being efficient, and flourishing as an Independent Contractor.
I am Hearing: "Fantasy" by can't remember the name of this classic rock band - it is 70's Saturday Mix on 94.9.
Around the House: a large (yet small) portion of my craft supplies are in the living room, my stamps are half-put away, mostly labeled (the big containers), and now I just need to be able to keep them somewhere as we gear toward getting my room done. More of my stuff is in Himself's Room on the guest bed. Ha. At least all of it keeps Rascal off that bed ;-)
One of my Favorite Things: Clear Kitchen Counters - Himself did dishes and put away the ones that were dry from the drying rack. I love that look :D
A Few Plans for Next Week: Getting Ind Contracting contracts finalized, so everyone agrees on how to pay me, and how this will work; doing the morning routines with Flylady; walking the dog regularly.

Studio Before (Dec 2009)

Yes, I'm still here... with a new attitude!

December 26th(!)
Merry Christmas... Soon to be the beginning/end of the first decade into the 21st century. Yikes.

2010 for me has to be the year of FLYing (in FLYlady terms = Finally Loving Yourself and getting out of the CHAOS = Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome). I want to take photos of the chaos I'm (we're) living in, but of course can't find my real camera...

So, this an hour later I'm now returning to the blog -- found the camera, took some pictures, loaded them up on the pc, answered some emails, and now it is 1pm (!) One of the things I love about Flylady is the timer concept -- anything can be done for 15 minutes. Set the timer. If the job isn't done, you can still move on. I don't take advantage enough of this idea, and it isn't a habit yet...

[1] Set My Timer for ALL the tasks/chores I don't want to do!!
[2] Do the Before Bed Routine
This includes Shining the Sink every night & going to bed before midnight!!!
[3] Do the Morning Routine
This includes shower, dress to shoes, hair & makeup, & teeth and getting up at a regular time!!!

They say the state of your house/surroundings is the state of your mind, and as I put in an email to a friend this morning, I'm functioning but I'm certainly not flourishing. Finding the external motivation that will overcome the 3-year old inside me who constantly stamps her foot and says to me, "But you don't HAVE to! You're a GROWN UP and can do ANYTHING you WANT!" is going to be tricky.

So, this is my only resolution for this year of 2010... to get out of the CHAOS. I anticipate that it will creep into my work habits, my play habits, my exercise habits (15 minute of loving movement is part of the Flylady routine), my housework habits, my rehearsal habits, and within the discipline of routine and habits I'll find there is freedom.

I know this from doing WDW a long time ago -- a Bible Based (now cult-like) Weight Loss program... but there is truth that there is Freedom within rules. Kinda like when you wear a uniform to school, you don't have to think hard about fashion, peers fashions, what to wear and stuff... it frees you from worrying about little stuff, and sure, there will always be things to worry about, but within the routine and habit there is flexibility, yes, but there is less time wasted on the small stuff.

So, for any blog-followers... I plan to be a regular blogger again, as I want to chronicle the journey.

I've started seeing a counselor, following an upset at my work -- where I'm no longer full time employed, but am doing special projects as an independent contractor -- which is another reason I need to get out of the CHAOS, because I WANT to work for myself, but need to follow my own rules (!) The counseling will be helping in the other areas I want to have more success in -- so here's to a fresh start, another new year and... once I overcome these challenges... here's to the NEW CHALLENGES and Opportunities of Growth & Development! (*just a little sarcasm there, not a lot* LOL).

Happy New Year Everyone!

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Healthy thoughts are easier to generate inside a healthy body. ~ Omar Periu


It has been longer than forever it seems since I've been in the mood to write anything.

Lately even Facebook Status (statuses? statusi?) have/has been a challenge.

Things at work are pretty close to the line. Two weeks ago I wasn't sure if there was going to be full paychecks for everyone. Today's payday again and it isn't too much better. We're down 30 girls and for our budget that is disastrous. I'm now sick.... sore throat, headache etc... so I'm home, doing some work (emails and stuff), feeling guilty about not getting more done at work, but don't want to expose anyone else to this -- which seems to be going around.

Normally I don't catch things that are 'going around' -- but when I'm consumed with worry... which, I hesitate to call it worry... it is more like anger... when I'm consumed by negative emotions I know my immune system is weakened and so voila! Here's the sore throat-headache which will turn into a cold if I don't really watch it. So... I'm drinking my singer's Tea, copious amounts of water, chewing raw garlic cloves (holy cow those things are HOT! but I feel better almost immediately after the initial shock and nausea goes away ;-), taking 2,000 mg of Vitamin C every 4 to 6 hours, and the usual daily dose of echinachea, multi-vitamin and general pain reliever.

As someone who essentially lives life by emotions, when my feelings are 'off' everything else goes to garbage. I am so unmotivated in most other areas of my life when one section of my life is affected... which leads to MORE un (dis?)-motivation... because for me, the lack of doing anything only feeds the feelings of 'why bother.' That downward spiral again :-(

Hence my constant quest for self-discipline, self-control, whatever you want to call it. To just "put on my big girl pants and do it" makes me smile and often will get me over one thing at time... though it is a one-minute-at-a-time constant struggle for me... with food, with thoughts, with attitude... with doing things whether I "feel like it or not!" Work is completely overwhelming because when I'm in this mode I have a hard time concentrating or focusing (which is difficult enough without the emotional distractions....) on any one task, and soooo many things fall through the cracks.

On top of that we are all tired and worn out and overworked and underpaid. We all are feeling discouraged in one way or another.

I have the opportunity to go elsewhere and work... it isn't official, and there are a lot of things pending on what it might ultimately be; and it would mean going back to work for someone that I've worked for in the past and left because of the management style of this person. There were other reasons I left as well, but added altogether the reason I left was mostly my lack of coping skills with the management style and my lack of belief in myself and my talents and skills.

I also have the scrapbooking that I could do to earn extra money -- but the time between work and singing leaves me little time for that -- if I know my job pay is going to be less, I've offered to go part time and then I can supplement my income in the other ways.

I start reading personal fulfillment blogs, and personal enrichment articles, and things about minimizing and downsizing and being frugal and think, "yeah! if only I could clean my desk I'd feel better about it all and get things done." And while yes, there is some truth to that... that is too simple a solution (or at least, so it seems).

Dreamin' The Life is one blog that looks good...

Life Excursion has some well written and simple ideas...

Leo's Minimilist blog is always awesome...
and his is where I usually go to start.

I envy those people who are born this way... sure I love clean counters and surfaces... clear of clutter, junk and stuff -- but the 'do it now' principle somehow always gets lost and before I know it, weeks have gone by and all surfaces are full, as well as the other places that seem to collect stuff.

I complain that I don't have enough room, which is why I go back to the minimalist ideal... if I have less stuff I'll not have the problem of not enough room.

But my passions - music, creative pursuits and sharing them, and learning... all these things require things in order to do them.

Now I'm just babbling...

oh yeah... and I'm supposed to be doing Weight Watchers online... this isn't working for me the 2nd time... I really do know better.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Has it been that long since I posted last? Sorry!!!

Went to Mammoth Lakes... not as cool as it should have been for the 24 hours driving back and forth... 7900 feet above sea level should have afforded me some COLD!!! Did some scrapping, did some sleepin', enjoyed being all by myself for 4 whole days.

This weekend is Quartet Retreat... haven't even unloaded the van from the CA trip yet... leaving tonight or tomorrow, haven't decided yet. Not sure where my phone is... which could be a problem.

Miserably Hot.

Chorus is fun.

Hubby's doing great... heading home for 3 weeks... hoping he'll be shipping the rest of our (MY) stuff home.

Going to be doing some more craft classes... like I have time... but cutting out tv will allow me to do more crafting... and more money!

Also will be doing more scrapbooking... invested in a Cricut after coming back from CA, where I dropped off 54 pages (which I scrapped the week before... how much more I could make if I'd not procrastinate!).

Work is busy... scary times for non-profits who are extracurricular activities that aren't sports.


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Way Cool!!

"Live like no one else... so that later... you can live like no one else." ~Dave Ramsey

Just got back from a 5 day road trip to Nevada with mom for a relative's high school graduation. It was blissfully COLD!! Quite unusual, really for the weather to be that cold in June -- it rained and snowed in the mountains, and on Friday the high was 62. I was in weather heaven!

I love that area of the country... small town-ish but near cosmopolitan areas... my favorite combo.

Mom & I listened to the "Total Money Makeover" by Dave Ramsey on the audio book that I downloaded on itunes... Good Stuff.

I read "The Shack" by Wm Young. Highly recommend it.
Don't live in Expectation. Live in Relationship... and love naturally puts someone else's needs above your own. Deep stuff. Interesting ideas... I read it with my filter on and it has some interesting things to think about regarding God, Jesus & the Holy Spirit... and how it happens that these terrible, awful, hideous things happen in this world.

Found an awesome used Craft Book for $20 --- one of the "different bits arrive every month" kinds of things in a huge binder... Senior Craft Class Fodder for a long time to come

Ate Basque Food Family style... Yum!! Saw relatives I've not seen in ages... also very fun!!

This is cousin Pat, me and "Big Neil" -- who, the last time I saw him he was probably a sophomore in high school... yikes!

Work in May was pretty insane... the girls had 3 concerts over two consecutive weekends, then there were Outside Auditions, Move-Up Auditions & Getting Ready to depart for Carnegie Hall, which is the tour they're on right now. I kinda kept up, but we've also been recruiting new Board of Director members like crazy, and we now have 14 board members (from the 8 that were there when I started in April of 2007...!), and lots of new stuff happening.

I'm excited that I've been asked if I would like to be a section leader in my chorus, which is something I've been wanting to do since joining the chorus (back in the early 90's!)... and my quartet is going really well, too!

The craft class has also been going well... and to pick up some extra money I'm going to start singing for the seniors again ~ maybe every other month or so. "Gazelle Intensity" is how Dave Ramsey describes doing things to get the emergency fund up to what it needs to be as fast as possible, then keeping up that intense pace to find extra ways to make money to pay off bills and get debt free asap. I'm not quite ready to sell stuff -- but taking on some money-making-musical endeavors sounds like a good plan!

The economy scares me... but I have to just keep reminding myself that I'm not in control, and I trust the one who is. I'm thankful, oh so thankful, that I have a job, and that we did have 13 new girls join at auditions in May... I think being in a smaller organization is a good place to be right now.

We finally got the too-big-table out of the dining area and now have the treadmill set up... not much more time for excuses! I'm going to quit the gym membership (the extra $31 a month doesn't need to be spent), and follow the example of one of the moms at work... she's lost about 40 lbs in the last 3 to 4 months by just coming in the door and getting on the treadmill for 45 minutes. She's not passing Go and she's not collecting $200!! That and lots of raw food (salads), makes a difference.

I have a relative who has asked to be taken off the ventilator... please send some good thoughts and prayers for his family... it is just really really sad. I don't know if I'll be able to go on another road trip so quickly... :-(

Monday, May 04, 2009

"High Priority"

That's the name of my brand spankin' new quartet. Our registration was approved, our money is paid, the harmony has officially BEGUN!! It is tres exciting.
* * * * * *
In the sad/crappy news category is that someone I know has been a victim of domestic violence. She's okay, she has a support network (nowhere near here, which is good and bad), and how helpless do I feel. I've no experience at all with this (which I consider a blessing), but wish I could offer more help. I don't know if she knows yet what she's going to do.

I found out that if the police can't tell at the scene who is at fault in a domestic violence situation, both parties are taken to jail. So, she got beat up, *and* she gets to spend the night in jail.
* * * * * * *

Work is crazy and will be crazy until like, June 1st.

* * * * * * *
Got back from Pasadena ~ Sweet Adelines Region 21 Contest where my chorus hosted the other competing choruses & quartets. It was an amazing weekend. I spent the weekend at my brother's house, and got to hang out with a gal from the chorus 'cuz we drove together; which was also tres fun.

* * * * * * *
Planning a trip to N. California next... if I can get the 100+ pages of scrapping done.

Himself has painted the gargantuan shed (aka the man-cave) a very bright yellow. It's a bit "girly" - so we'll be changing that for a more sagey green color.

* * * * * * *

Life is good. I try very hard to remember that I'm not in control, and it helps.