Sunday, January 17, 2010

Laughing Until Your Cheeks Are Sore

The other night at Chili's ~ two friends & I (P & L) laughed so hard our faces hurt...

I was telling stories about my mother -- which I really can't share HERE, because too many people know exactly who I am ~ but I was thinking, after telling the Popcorn Salt Christmas Tale (which I can share, as we tell it to anyone who will listen to it -- every year... it is our own little Christmas Tradition now...), after L made the comment that this story could be a movie, kinda like "The Christmas Story" -- and after I shared the other "Multiple" story, that I really could write a lengthy essay or small book "stories about my mom" or something. This morning, after sleeping on it, I realize I have a lot of sources still to gather more stories, and it would be a good thing. Another project to put on the "Someday" list!

As I've started counseling, my eyes are opening to lots of choices I've made that I hadn't realized were made as my mother's daughter; not as my husband's wife. And that isn't even exploring making decisions as me, myself & I.

As the story-telling on my mom continued, bringing forth hearty, hooty & loud laughter -- I thought of my childhood ~ the only daughter of a single mom... who had some inconsistent good and not-so-good examples of father-figures... there certainly wasn't a rotating door of men or anything like that... far far from it. There were serious relationships, 2, maybe 3 if you count the User of Brazil; all of which were destined not to succeed for whatever reason.

She remarried after 37 years, and so it has been an interesting experience watching and experiencing my mother as a woman in love, in a relationship, and living as a wife. We both have struggled to put our husband(s) first; long habits are hard to break -- and both have come up short in some areas. We weren't able to put our husband first, which has put us on the path we're on.


Interesting things to think about.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Red Knicker Day

So, yesterday I was proven right in my predictions regarding my future with the TGC.

In order to do Special Projects for TGC I will have to submit a Request Proposal Form, in other words; I have to bid. When this decision was made and presented to me at the end of September 2009, I thought of this immediately... as an Independent Contractor I'd have no 'sway' or 'special relationship' with the organization, and who was to say that there would be a time when the Powers That Be would want to go outside of me for jobs they'd want done. And I was completely up front in saying that there are people out there who do these things (PR/Marketing plans, website design & upkeep, forms & fliers) who do it for a real living... it is all they do and they are professionals and will do a better job, at likely a higher price but in less time.

I smelled the dog, I knew this was coming -- as I think more about it this morning I'm so very very glad it came faster than later. When I was getting dressed yesterday I put on my red knickers.

Back in Scotland, some of the best training I have ever had was with a woman who had been contracted by Creative Memories to do Direct Sales training, Barbara Sharples. And she once said, "Women who wear Red Knickers rule the world." So, whenever I have a day coming that I know will hold special and unique challenges, I put on my red knickers. Yes, yesterday was a Red Knicker Day. (Translation: Knickers = Underwear, panties, lingerie)

I'm actually relieved. I feel free to say no. I still have a slightly bitter aftertaste in my mouth about how this whole thing came about... but now this meal is over, and I can truly move on. My prediction is that in 6 - 9 months things will be very different in the organization, not for the better.

In Other News:
I've picked up a second craft class (YAY) which is more money... And I now have a voice student who insists on paying me as well. (YAY YAY!!). So, I know that God is out there ~ and I just have to continue to Wait on Him, Trust Him, have Faith that where I am is where I'm supposed to be, and continue pursuing playing with the gifts and blessings He's given me. YEAH!

eta: correct spelling

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dec 26 - Jan 13... not weekly, but closer than previous posts!

Outside my Window: Dark & Chilly
I am Thinking: I've spent too many days thinking of how I want to re-organize my room; now I have to do the physical labor of sorting, organizing, purging, simplifying and prioritizing.
From the Kitchen: The brownies I made two days ago are already gone. They were good though. Tonight I reheated some of himself's really really tasty split pea soup with ham.
I am Learning: That people who are inflexible are so for a reason... all my good habits from before leaving for OKC flew out the window when I came back... my sink has not been shiny for awhile. I'm not being so judgemental of those folks who have to hang on to the discipline of routine and for whatever reason cannot vary their lives. (why is 'judgemental' being flagged as a typo?)
I am Wearing: Clothes... took a shower today (yes, this needs to be said...) I am dressed but NOT to shoes, and while I didn't do hair and makeup (per Flylady), I did brush my teeth :-). Don't judge me that I didn't do any of that until after 4:30pm.
I am Creating: a creating space.
I am Going: to clean my desk tonight, and fold the clean laundry in the dryer that has been there for over two weeks (just towels and socks and stuff like that).
I am Reading: Ransom -- a Scottish Romance Adventure. [no change, haven't read any more since Dec 26]
I am Hoping: That I can stay focused.
I am Hearing: a song that is overplayed on my radio station playlist, only Delilah is playing in her show... "Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it all...ya just might get it all....oh.. I'm goin' home, to the place where I belong..."
Around the House: a large (yet small) portion of my craft supplies are in the living room, my stamps are half-put away, mostly labeled (the big containers), and now I just need to be able to keep them somewhere as we gear toward getting my room done. More of my stuff is in Himself's Room on the guest bed. Ha. At least all of it keeps Rascal off that bed ;-) [absolutely no change here]
One of my Favorite Things: handwritten notes from long-time friends (notice I did not say OLD Friends! *lol*)
A Few Plans for Next Week: uuuuummhhhhhhgghhhhhhhhnnnnnn yeah. gotta work on that.