Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Region 21 2010 SAI Contest & stuff

How cool is it that I can renew a library book ONLINE?!?!?! Way Cool!!

Region 21 2010 Chorus Contest:
San Diego Chorus - 635 points
Tucson Desert Harmony Chorus - 578
Song of the Pines Chorus - 558
Inland Empire Chorus - 542
Enchanted Mesa Show Chorus - 535

Quartet Contest:
One Voice - 640
SparX! 640
Hypnotic 615
Affinity 611
Orange Crush 566

It was the best contest weekend I've experienced so far! Stayed with my brother... hung out a lot with C, my favorite bass from Hearts Afire & High Priority Quartet; and P. I drove out and the drive went well -- relaxing - the weather was cool and beautiful... we sang the plan and it was just a great great weekend!

I'm now back to business in starting the business ~ still procrastinating a little as I enter back into "normal" life... ugh. But laundry is started, and now to unpack the car, and am looking over the next two weeks of things to accomplish... and am starting a food log.

I want my peeps from Forth Valley Chorus to see less of me when I see them in October in Seattle. The walking was supposed to begin April 7th. But April 21st will be as fine a day as any.

Monday, April 05, 2010

Happy Belated Easter 2010!

Went to mom's with Auntie M and had a very lovely weekend!

Mom bought some new clothes ~ rare thing for her, and she looked good!

Visited Auntie J (mom's oldest sister) who has been suffering the last year through tongue cancer -- she looked great! That was a good visit, too!

Ate at El Encanto in Cave Creek ~ YUM!! But the pomegranite margaritas were VERY strong ;-)

Watched "The Blind Side" and it was everything they've said it is... Kathy Bates classic line,
"there is one thing you need to know about me. I'm a Democrat" LOL!!!

Busy week this week:
Music Team Meeting
counselor's appointment
attorney appointment for setting up a business...
craft classes this weekend (Flower Fairies to welcome Spring!)

Two trips to CA coming up -- Sweet Adelines in Pasadena, and Pepperdine Lectures in Malibu.

Rascal seems to have recovered from his ibuprofen overdose (Thank You Lord!)... he ate a baggie of ibuprofens that I'd had in luggage and left out on the kitchen counter -- he threw up all weekend I was gone for the Quilters Reunion... and continued throwing up for a week - 1/2 before we took him to the vet -- bland food (rice) for a week then slowly re-introduced dog food and he seems to be back to normal. Vet visit blood work showed pretty normal, they thought though that the intestinal lining and stomach lining were probably irritated from all the pills.