Friday, January 15, 2010

Red Knicker Day

So, yesterday I was proven right in my predictions regarding my future with the TGC.

In order to do Special Projects for TGC I will have to submit a Request Proposal Form, in other words; I have to bid. When this decision was made and presented to me at the end of September 2009, I thought of this immediately... as an Independent Contractor I'd have no 'sway' or 'special relationship' with the organization, and who was to say that there would be a time when the Powers That Be would want to go outside of me for jobs they'd want done. And I was completely up front in saying that there are people out there who do these things (PR/Marketing plans, website design & upkeep, forms & fliers) who do it for a real living... it is all they do and they are professionals and will do a better job, at likely a higher price but in less time.

I smelled the dog, I knew this was coming -- as I think more about it this morning I'm so very very glad it came faster than later. When I was getting dressed yesterday I put on my red knickers.

Back in Scotland, some of the best training I have ever had was with a woman who had been contracted by Creative Memories to do Direct Sales training, Barbara Sharples. And she once said, "Women who wear Red Knickers rule the world." So, whenever I have a day coming that I know will hold special and unique challenges, I put on my red knickers. Yes, yesterday was a Red Knicker Day. (Translation: Knickers = Underwear, panties, lingerie)

I'm actually relieved. I feel free to say no. I still have a slightly bitter aftertaste in my mouth about how this whole thing came about... but now this meal is over, and I can truly move on. My prediction is that in 6 - 9 months things will be very different in the organization, not for the better.

In Other News:
I've picked up a second craft class (YAY) which is more money... And I now have a voice student who insists on paying me as well. (YAY YAY!!). So, I know that God is out there ~ and I just have to continue to Wait on Him, Trust Him, have Faith that where I am is where I'm supposed to be, and continue pursuing playing with the gifts and blessings He's given me. YEAH!

eta: correct spelling