Saturday, December 26, 2009

Thanks to Kat... would be great to do this weekly!! [Week 52 of 2009]

Outside my Window: Dark & Cold
I am Thinking: I've spent a few hours on thoughts of how I want to re-organize my room; now I have to work to earn the money to pay for it.
From the Kitchen: *hahahahaha* heated up mom's Lasagna (supposed to have made Elk Shepherd's Pie... looking like tomorrow instead)
I am Learning: That I'm not as great a communicator as I thought with my hubby. Better late, than never, I suppose -- and we had a good conversation today.
I am Wearing: normal clothes -- have my light vest thing on and the space heater on in my room, which makes the temp perfect for me. I am dressed to shoes, and while I didn't do hair and makeup (per Flylady), I did brush my teeth :-). Baby Steps Baby!!
I am Creating: I just created a 'room template' on Publisher, so I can draw furniture bird's eye view of how my room can be set up.
I am Going: This has the potential to be very long... I am going to put two pictures in two frames -- it will get rid of two projects that have been out and bugging me for a long long time!
I am Reading: Ransom -- a Scottish Romance Adventure.
I am Hoping: That I can stay focused on getting my Studio Office up and running, for so many things are relying on me being efficient, and flourishing as an Independent Contractor.
I am Hearing: "Fantasy" by can't remember the name of this classic rock band - it is 70's Saturday Mix on 94.9.
Around the House: a large (yet small) portion of my craft supplies are in the living room, my stamps are half-put away, mostly labeled (the big containers), and now I just need to be able to keep them somewhere as we gear toward getting my room done. More of my stuff is in Himself's Room on the guest bed. Ha. At least all of it keeps Rascal off that bed ;-)
One of my Favorite Things: Clear Kitchen Counters - Himself did dishes and put away the ones that were dry from the drying rack. I love that look :D
A Few Plans for Next Week: Getting Ind Contracting contracts finalized, so everyone agrees on how to pay me, and how this will work; doing the morning routines with Flylady; walking the dog regularly.