Saturday, December 26, 2009

Yes, I'm still here... with a new attitude!

December 26th(!)
Merry Christmas... Soon to be the beginning/end of the first decade into the 21st century. Yikes.

2010 for me has to be the year of FLYing (in FLYlady terms = Finally Loving Yourself and getting out of the CHAOS = Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome). I want to take photos of the chaos I'm (we're) living in, but of course can't find my real camera...

So, this an hour later I'm now returning to the blog -- found the camera, took some pictures, loaded them up on the pc, answered some emails, and now it is 1pm (!) One of the things I love about Flylady is the timer concept -- anything can be done for 15 minutes. Set the timer. If the job isn't done, you can still move on. I don't take advantage enough of this idea, and it isn't a habit yet...

[1] Set My Timer for ALL the tasks/chores I don't want to do!!
[2] Do the Before Bed Routine
This includes Shining the Sink every night & going to bed before midnight!!!
[3] Do the Morning Routine
This includes shower, dress to shoes, hair & makeup, & teeth and getting up at a regular time!!!

They say the state of your house/surroundings is the state of your mind, and as I put in an email to a friend this morning, I'm functioning but I'm certainly not flourishing. Finding the external motivation that will overcome the 3-year old inside me who constantly stamps her foot and says to me, "But you don't HAVE to! You're a GROWN UP and can do ANYTHING you WANT!" is going to be tricky.

So, this is my only resolution for this year of 2010... to get out of the CHAOS. I anticipate that it will creep into my work habits, my play habits, my exercise habits (15 minute of loving movement is part of the Flylady routine), my housework habits, my rehearsal habits, and within the discipline of routine and habits I'll find there is freedom.

I know this from doing WDW a long time ago -- a Bible Based (now cult-like) Weight Loss program... but there is truth that there is Freedom within rules. Kinda like when you wear a uniform to school, you don't have to think hard about fashion, peers fashions, what to wear and stuff... it frees you from worrying about little stuff, and sure, there will always be things to worry about, but within the routine and habit there is flexibility, yes, but there is less time wasted on the small stuff.

So, for any blog-followers... I plan to be a regular blogger again, as I want to chronicle the journey.

I've started seeing a counselor, following an upset at my work -- where I'm no longer full time employed, but am doing special projects as an independent contractor -- which is another reason I need to get out of the CHAOS, because I WANT to work for myself, but need to follow my own rules (!) The counseling will be helping in the other areas I want to have more success in -- so here's to a fresh start, another new year and... once I overcome these challenges... here's to the NEW CHALLENGES and Opportunities of Growth & Development! (*just a little sarcasm there, not a lot* LOL).

Happy New Year Everyone!