Sunday, February 21, 2010

Whoops ~ It's February 21st already!!!

Outside my Window: Sunny & Fresh (recent rain), cool and beautiful
I am Thinking: That I need to do activities that will bring in some income.
From the Kitchen: I made spaghetti last night -- not hardly worth posting.
I am Learning: That I can get up at the same time every day, regardless of what time I went to bed. That the amount of sleep I get or do not get is directly proportional to my level of cranky ;-) [nothing new here, just an observation of how grumpy I seem to be lately]
I am Wearing: nightgown & robe.
I am Creating: a brochure to promote my entertaining and crafting for seniors citizens.
I am Going: to the Tucson Rubberstamp & Scrapbook Expo today. But I have no money, which will make me depressed.
I am Reading: Boundaries ~ a Christian based book on what they are, how to set them, etc... excellent!! "When someone is denied the natural outcome of his or her actions, they become helpless." -- paraphrased, but huge for me!
I am Hoping: That I really will be able to give up processed sugar. I quit for a week, and then had a little, and it is like a drug -- once you go back it is harder to give up again. And I think it is like poison when consumed in the abundance of products in which it is a large-percentage ingredient.
I am Hearing: The John Tesh Radio Show -- :-)
Around the House: Not as bad as usual -- the living room has been dusted and vacuumed within the last 5 days (!) - Kitchen is not clean, but not overflowing with dishes, and I've started laundry.
One of my Favorite Things: Cinnamon PopTarts. *sigh* a no no on my no-sugar list!
A Few Plans for Next Week: Busy week... Chorus meeting, chorus rehearsal, SCORE appt (retired business owners helping wanna-be business owners in starting their own business), Scrapping weekend at friends over Rodeo Vacation (Tucson doesn't have President's Day holiday, we have two days at the end of February for Rodeo Vacation!), Barbershop Arranging workshop on Saturday. Hopefully will have a voice student in there, and will get these brochures done!


Baroness Insomniac said...

Sugar indeed is like a drug and the cravings are rather silly once you get through the worst of them. I craved things I hadn't eaten in years - but the freedom is wonderful and not feeling like I have to eat every 5 minutes is truly a blessing. So hang in there! =D <3

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