Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Independence Day

So himself walks in the kitchen and says 'isn't it great to be on holiday?!' -- and I said, "Yes, especially when it falls in the middle of your vacation..."

To which he asks, "what's the difference between holidays and vacation?"

Ah... separated by a common language looms its head again. And it isn't like he doesn't really know... he's been married to an American for 9 years...

So I reply, "Holidays are generally something that is celebrated nationally - 4th of July (Independence Day), Christmas, Thanksgiving, Memorial Day, Labor Day... and you can tell because Banks are closed. In the UK, there were arbitrary "Bank Holiday Monday's" - and I'm not complaining!! We don't have those, though."

And the brief discussion ensued, in which I agree... going on holiday sounds much more fun than going on vacation.

* * * * * * *
Himself then went out to smoke -- came back and stuck his head in the door a couple minutes later (it is 12:55pm) and says, "uh... hello.... just want to tell you that the patio area around the spa and stuff... it's too hot to walk on with your bare feet..."

To which I reply, "DUH! How long have you lived here?"

To which he starts shutting the door and says, "shut up shut up shut up...." in that little sing song way of his.....

It's supposed to be 111 today. At 5:30 am it was already 75. Even in my slip on sandals my feet get hot both on the bottom and on top too if exposed to direct sunlight!!


Ann(ie) said...

111 degrees? Holy Crap. Okay I no longer want to trade weather. 85 degrees is hot enough for moi.

Ell said...

Gotta love the language barriers. =D

Can you package some of that heat and send it my way? ;)