Saturday, October 27, 2007

quick update...

There's so much going on and I want to write it all out and share... but man oh man it would take a long time...

So some high points
today, after singing with my new friend *waves at coffeegal*, I was on my way to help distribute polo shirts for the older two choruses for the TGC... and it was at Raytheon's open house - our contact guy had sent two flyers, the address had already been changed, the whole thing has been one headache after another (because of tight security all the no-no's on site....) and there's more, but no time for all that drama now... my point is -- the road into Raytheon from the road we were dictated to enter from was closed.

Yep. So I'm on the road directing/looking out for TGC parents bringing their girls to the performance giving them alternate directions to the place where they're to be singing.... And while it was a beautiful day - it was hot and sunny... I think that is why I might have a big headache right now (and I don't get many headaches..!)

Alls well -- it was just icing on the cake to the week with work that I've had -- which started last Friday.

On more fun notes:
WE ARE HOMEOWNERS.... (or as himself has says, "Don't call me a homeowner, you homeowner...!").

We got the keys Friday - ordered pizza and sat in our new backyard with Rascal, drinking warm diet 7-up... some photos...So Rascal had a ball burying his first chew in the back yard... our pizza was delicious... and now the painful part -- actually moving.

My dad is supposed to be here this week to help himself, who is off for the week -- and oh the plans!!!

There's the latest news --


Kellie said...

I had a great morning singin' with you too!

Looking forward to a weekend chock full of singing with you!

Great pictures of the house!

Vonnie said...

So when is Open House?

Kat said...

YAY!!! Welcome under the houseowners!! :)

Really wish we could catch up a bit more ... hopefully will have some time to send you an e-mail soon. :) If not ... you're definitely on the list for Xmas Newsletter!! ;)