Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Catching Up

I can hardly believe it is now March 8th! I had an awesome quartet rehearsal this past weekend ~ spent a great day with mom up in Cave Creek on Monday and got her little scrapping area set up... talked to Larry about buying the craft business, buying mom's house or not buying it... talked briefly to my sister, who just had her last chemo last Wednesday and was feeling great - she starts radiation the beginning of April. She also razzed me about scrapping my niece's photos... I sang with Glen Rose Saturday night on his show at Fellowship Square ~ 2 songs: Jimmy Van Heusen's "Polka Dots and Moonbeams" and "Imagine" ~ it was really fun, and as always, performing gets me all jazzed again to really pursue the cabaret business.

I've discovered Mascarpone Cheese ~ which is the American equivalent to Double Cream. Oh man, I'm in trouble now. Spread it on a Trader Joe's graham cracker and ta-da ~ a mini cheesecake... even nicer with a smidge of lemon curd on it too.

I am now on the board of the chorus -- which will be more responsibility and more nights out -- it should be an interesting year (I believe actually it is a 2-year committment) with that. This weekend is chorus retreat down in Sierra Vista, and next weekend I'll be at a 'quartet retreat' up in Mesa.

Today I actually was given money to help a lady with her computer... what a long way I've come there! It was way cool!

There are a lot of things going on right now ~ I'm developing a craft class to teach at Fellowship Square on a monthly basis, and am having lunch with my former boss to discuss plans and terms and future of that.

I've decided the first cabaret show will be a Cole Porter revue ~ I've chosen the songs, now to create the backtracks... time consuming but educational.

I'm still involved with my scrapbooking client and the Big Opportunity in regards to that...

There's chorus and quartet...

And the possibility of purchasing a Senior Activity business -- teaching crafts to seniors who are living in the smaller (8 - 10 residents) care homes.

Hmmmm... somehow it doesn't seem so much when I put it down here ~ but then I'm not mentioning that I'm supposed to be going to Curves 3 times a week, I'm going to a weekly crop, I'm supposed to be on Weight Watchers online and developing wonderfully tasty & healthy meals under the point plan, keeping the house reasonably clean, and keeping up with laundry. When that all is added in (and then there's keeping up with emails & blogs...) -- well, it is no wonder I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed once in awhile.

I've meant to send a thank you email to everyone who came to himself's party ~ and I've not done that yet... I'm still hanging on to a package for 'mater to go to Scotland, and another package to a friend in Australia... maybe I can get to the USPS on Friday before going down to Sierra Vista.

I'm so very very blessed... and extremely thankful for the incredible friends I have - for the gifts I've been given and the desire to use them. Pray for self-discipline for me so that I can divvy up my time and get it done, so I can contribute to our financial situation!!!

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