Sunday, March 19, 2006


I'm home after a long weekend away -- well, actually, TWO long weekends away. Over the 10-11th our chorus had an amazing retreat weekend with Lori Lyford, unsurpassable director of Scottsdale Chorus (Current SAI International Chorus Champion Chorus). We had a great party on Saturday night - it was a 50's theme and we outdid ourselves dressing up... I found these fun glasses at the Gaslight Theatre's Costume shop. There was a bubblegum blowing contest (I didn't participate in the contest, but just popped the bubble on my nose...)

A hand-jive dance, "The Stroll" dance, a hula-hoop contest, The Limbo -- I left on the early side because I was exhausted -- but understand they had a trivia contest, and also a best costume contest.

We seemed to have turned a corner as a chorus, as far as taking seriously our personal responsiblity to each do our part in order to reach our goals ~ we're in a new rehearsal space now and last Tuesday we seemed to be keeping up the sound we made over the weekend pretty well. It is extremely exciting!

I had lunch with a friend (for 3 hours!) on Monday at our favorite local chain, EEGEE's, and generally caught up in each other's lives ~ she's a performer, out in LA now and trying to break into commercials. Her roomate just sold a screenplay, and she's met loads of interesting people and is having a great time! I wish she was closer so we could sing again together....

This last weekend my quartet got together for a little quartet retreat ~ we spent the night at Anne's and ate dinner at Chili's - watched "Into The Woods" DVD -- yay!!! And then sang from 9am to around 5pm on Saturday, ending the weekend by going to dinner at a favorite spot in East Mesa, "Red, White & Bru" restaurant. I think the weekend was extremely beneficial, but I feel less ready now (if that is possible) because of the amount of work we have to do before contest (May 5th in Phoenix). I love singing with these gals, and am having a great time ~ we all are committed to the process, and we all enjoy learning more and more about the craft of Barbershop. We're going out the first full week of April for coaching and I have a voice lesson with Kim Hulbert *YAY* -- and April will be chock-full of rehearsals gearing up for contest weekend.

Husband? He's still working - lots of overtime. We're not sure of the status of whether or not he'll be able to get a permanent full time position -- we won't know until a bit farther down the road ~ but I'm just trying to stay positive and not worry. We think we've found a fair deal to buy the house from mom, but again, it depends on our working/financial situation. Which means a lot of scrapping in the next few weeks!!

We finally got some rain -- and over the 10th/11th Southern Arizona even got snow! If I remember I'll post the picture mom sent of Cave Creek. And today has been very rainy - I even saw some hail on the side of the highway coming back down from the Phoenix area to Tucson.

I'll try to be better about regular posting - just too many balls in the air right now to remember a whole lot of anything!

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