Friday, April 07, 2006

catching up with longtime friends (cuz we're not OLD!)

Yay!! I found a friend from a long time ago! I just read an email from him, and there's nothing like an old friend, because they know history... history you don't have to explain, history you don't have to share with new friends... not that new friends aren't great ~ and eventually new friends will be old friends -- but that long connection is just another root that keeps me grounded.

I just got back from another fabulous weekend in San Diego - this time with my entire quartet *smiley face!* and we had a fab-u-rific coaching session with my favorite sweet adeline diva, Kim Hulbert. It is just a month away... this first-for-me Region 21 contest... and we've now got our fabric for costumes, the pattern for the costume, and an idea of what our scoresheets will probably say. The butterflies really need to start flying in formation now...

There was some interesting and insightful comments made by Kim regarding our self-image -- both as individuals and as a quartet... so I have some listening and analyzing to do...

Things are good. I'm still searching for the key to keeping up the motivation I need to accomplish the healthy living lifestyle, however.

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