Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I'm still here...

Gosh, where DOES the time go... it has been pretty busy and getting here to write just hasn't been a priority. We got back from San Diego and while the calendar on my wall doesn't have a lot written down, I sure hit the ground running.

I've been working on putting a friend's pictures from her trip to Bali onto a digital sharing source (i.e., Video CD) so she could share the photos with the Bali group, as well as her family and friends back East. I did a cool Power Point presentation, but even if the DVD player can play video CD's, it doesn't know how to read PPT presentations, so I had to quickly switch her pictures over to something the DVD player could read. Very frustrating (for both of us), as we started this process so long ago, and had plenty of time, but as usual in my own life, the time I have is the time I need... it might be a little early in the day to go there philisophically.

I missed going to Curves most of April - I started going again last week, after a friend signed up and we have agreed to meet each other there -- so that helps me with the external motivation!

I called two places regarding part-time jobs ~ I don't think that is the plan for me yet, however. We just found out yesterday that himself will be made permanent full time at Intuit (Praise God!), so he'll be making more money and will be working at a great company - we plan to move back to the house I grew up in sometime in May. YAY!!!! My goal is to bring in a minimum of $800.00 a month doing the various endeavors I've been pursuing -- and if that isn't happening in another 3 to 6 months, then I'll go and get a structured job.

I also met up with an old theatre buddy who've I've not seen in years and years - we had lunch at Applebees and generally caught up with each other - she has a baby who is celebrating her first birthday this month - and is doing beading and selling her stuff, which is beautiful! It was so cool to catch up and just hang out.

Knowing that I need money, I've been scrapping a lot, and have a goal in mind - so that is been my main focus outside of quartet. I can't believe our contest is just about 2 weeks away! I drove up to Chandler yesterday and we had a really really good rehearsal - it was only 3 hours, but it was exactly what we needed, and I think we all are feeling a lot better and more secure about our musical product & presentation. Our costumes are being made, and we have a fitting on the 24th - I'll be in Phoenix all weekend due to we're singing on Cactus Country Chorus's afterglow (their show after party) Saturday night, then regular rehearsal on Sunday, and then the costume fitting on Monday morning, with a few more hours of singing, then home for a chorus board meeting on Monday night. Then the new board will take over in May onward.

This is it for today.

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