Saturday, June 17, 2006

Dog Sitting

So I'm in Cave Creek while mom and Step "Pops" are on a 1/2 driving, 1/2 motorcycle riding trip up to the Grand Canyon -- it is very very peaceful ~ I got up at 5:30 this morning *Yawn!* to take the dogs on a walk, then have done nothing but laze around the house. The dogs know when it is time to be fed, and come over wagging their tales looking cute :-) -- and so I know it is 4:00 pm or so.

I've scrapped 8 pages for Sis, and had already organized pictures with paper -- so it is going pretty fast. The space that mom and I set up to scrap is a little stuffy upstairs when it is 110 F outside, but I lowered the air conditioning to 77 degrees, rather than 80, and that has made my stay altogether much more pleasurable.

Only one golf ball has hit the house so far... a picture of Grandma Wade mysteriously fell off the wall upstairs when no one was up there... but the music hasn't gone off in the middle of the night, and nothing else exciting to tell.

Just talked to himself who is keeping himself busy hanging stuff in the house ~ broke a mirror ~ bummer! And watched the USA v Italy World Cup match - 1-1 - so USA is doing well... anyone against Italy who scores is doing well, apparently.

I've been watching sappy Lifetime Movie Network, and loving it.

I've not done my other "projects" I'm supposed to do -- quartet rehearsal tomorrow... maybe I'll do some tonight.

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