Wednesday, November 08, 2006

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I came into my room to "work" at 7:30 pm - it is now 9:21 pm and I've not done a single note. I need to input what I'm going to be singing on Sunday -- and type out lyric sheets for the sing along... and I got to looking for sources to find lamb/mutton - recipes for traditional scottish and indian food for B's Christmas... and then reading blogs.

I get inspired to write in mine when I read others, but I never fully realize what I want to say - how much sense does this make?

And I signed up for myspace and holy moly that is just too complicated for me right now... learning something new with all the other stuff I'm supposed to be doing -- just ugh.

We're dog sitting and I need to take them out for the evening walk - and then go to bed so I can get up at 6:30 am and take them for the morning walk & poop - and maybe tomorrow morning I'll get some music work done. Because I want to play on Friday -- go to a crop.

Mom told me she and L are probably going to Colorado for Christmas this year... she's up in arms because she said "Christmas is about kids" -- well... he has a daughter and son in law *with grandkids!!* in Colorado -- so it IS about the kids... and I told her she was mean mean saying that "it just won't be Christmas" in front of him!! I said why don't you plan on coming here for New Year's then for a few days, we're planning to have a real guest room by then.

But I'm actually excited to have Christmas here - in the house... in himself's and mine own tradition! It is motivating me to clean a little more each day -- don't worry, I'm not over extending myself by any means ;-) -- but I set up a plan to get the craft room moved and the guest room created... and where are we going to put the tree...and I've put in a request for mini Mince Pies from Tesco from my pal in Scotland *fingers crossed* and it is just kinda fun to think about. OOhhhhh... maybe she can send over himself's favorite alcoholic beverage - Advocaat -- a couple of bottles of that would make his Christmas!!

We went to the Celtic Festival this past Saturday - good grief, sweating something awful - it was flippin' 80 degrees! Hot and Sunny... I mean, [warning: sarcasm] it was so much like Scotland! -- NOT --. But we found some tacky tartan, yet well made Rugby balls to send to himself's friend in Scotland... and once we send it, himself says he'll never be able to go home again -- ha ha!! I had 4 Tunnocks Tea Cakes (a British store in Scottsdale carries them... good to know), and himself had Irn Bru... and we watched a dog herd sheep, and we saw the highland competition where the guys balance then throw the big telephone pole looking things... don't have a clue what that is called. Himself absolutely refused to pay $7.00 for a Scotch Pie... hmmm... maybe next year ;-). Will get my pictures uploaded eventually.

Well,not exactly all I wanted to say - but God is a good God ~ and we are so very blessed!!


Vonnie said...

That sounds like fun - all exceprt the heat. We were sightseeing in Savannah yesterday and had to wear sweaters/jackets. It looks like today is going to be warmer - maybe no sweater.

Ell said...

I shall trade you this dreich damp weather for that lovely sunshine anyday my dear friend! =)

The telephone pole things are Cabers. =D But come on - that much money for a Scotch pie that I can get 4 for a Pounddddah - 4 for a Poundddddah. (Said in Barra-like fashion, ken?) LOL (Ken my Uncle Kenny like?) =D I'm never quite sure what kind of meat is in those things anyway... *mystery meat*

Glad Himself got an Irn Bru - Remember - tis made in Sco'land fae Gird'ders. LOL

Someday, someway - maybe the Lord will allow me to return to the US. (Probably when I'm too old to run and hide there. =D)

Love and Big *hugs!*

Krista said...

I got yer mince pies right here!

Well, I mean, they're not HEREhere, but we've got a Tesco in Wishae so they're, like, get-able. :)

Advocaat I can do. Drop me an email with your new address and I'll get a wee care package out to you at the weekend!