Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Show was awesome!

The weekend was a bust -- but the feedback has been terrific!

Started weight watchers with himself - he's doing Core plan, I'm doing flex points - tomorrow we'll go to our second meeting.

Lots going on and its all swirling in my head -- can't seem to focus on just getting one thing done.

Himself bought me a way cool old-fashioned microphone for my birthday... I would have been surprised if the box it was delivered in hadn't had "microphone" printed on the outside... ah well... it is a retro 40's style... like on my business card.

Singing for the Fellowship Square Veteran's Party on the 12th of November -- just have to pick up the phone to sing for two more venues... and even figured out how to fade out two songs I've already recorded for a demo CD. My excuses are running thin. :-)

24 more shopping days until my birthday. It will be the 18th anniversary of my 21st birthday. I will be down 100 lbs by my next birthday, Lord Willing.

My sister's b/day and my excellent pal in Scots Land will be turning their respective ages this Friday. And nope, no card for either of them in the post. Maybe a phone call...

I'm taking a break from Sweet Adelines - my quartet is taking a big huge break because the bass's mom has cancer - she's with her mom, and I'm focusing on getting physically and financially fit -- can we say God's Timing?!

Himself and I ditched Halloweener's... went and saw "Invicible" about Vincent Papale, football player in the 70's with the Philadelphia Eagles -- really really good, clean, inspiring movie. One of those that makes you all warm inside.

We also watched "Fun with Dick and Jane" remake this weekend, nothing like the original with George Seagal & Jane Fonda - but despite himself, I think Jim Carrey is talented, and I like Tea Leoni. We also saw "Zatharca" or was it "Zarcatha" -- similar to Jumanji, only with outerspace instead of jungle dangers... no big names, cute film... Yeah, I'm likin' the movie projector thing more and more. Oh, and I saw "The Break Up" Monday night, working the Monday Night Movie at Fellowship... Himself has signed us up for Blockbuster thingey that is like Netflix -- so I logged on and put in some of my requests -- so that will be fun.

Well... better get to the sing a long word sheets...

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