Monday, October 16, 2006


wow. I feel sort of like I've been holding my breath for a week!

First of all... I walked over 10 miles - mostly in the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas... trying to figure out where in the heck the north tower was in relation to Harmony Bazaar, and then back, and then to Monaco Tower (where our room was) and back... and it wasn't 'til the day before I leave that I figure out the short cut... but now I don't feel guilty about not walking (as in exercise walking) in the mornings... yay!

SALT quartet was crowned International Champion quartet -- they were awesome! Rich-Tones won the chorus contest, over Melodeers (2nd) and North Metro (3rd). Ladies from Velvet Hills chorus (Colorado Springs, CO) were the nicest gals I met, and I have huge bruises on my hips from the small stadium seats.

I only bought 2 CD's (YAY! - 25 years of "High Society" and the 2nd CD of "The Buzz"), and some gel thingeys for my shoes, which did help a lot with some of the foot issues I have.

I ate soup in my room two nights, and taking all the extra crap is well worth it, and as much as I loved spending 16 hours driving to and fro with my pals, I missed having the access to independence (i.e., my own car). I'm glad I had the time with SA and SU, though, as I learned lots of inside information, and just generally added 'good things' to my knowledge base of barbershop and of the SAI organization in general.

I got to see some of the ladies from Forth Valley Chorus:

That's me, Moira, Elaine & Moyra in the hallway of the Riviera, after my quartet sang for them :D.

My two quartet buddies were busy with Scottsdale chorus stuff, and my roomie quartet buddy saw good friends of hers from Harborlights Chorus, so we all had a full week! I'm blessed that I was able to bunk in with my pal from Pepperdine; as well as stay an extra night in the hotel that I should have paid for -- so many things I want to do when I start earning money (like pay people back!!!)

The week was long, but it went by so fast! Getting back to real life is just a bother.

I think I want to simplify, yet do these things that are not simple.

I got sick on Wednesday ~ I think it was a combination of not enough sleep and being overheated -- and 10,000 germs, smoke & more people. I'm feeling better today!

How does one get rid of that feeling of wanting and needing to do more?!


Vonnie said...

Wasn't that an awesome contest? I started watching Wed aft. - missed Sparx and Xtreme, but did see One Voice. I can't believe how good it is on the webcast and I got to sit in my recliner instead of small stadium seats. Rich tones were fabulous and I knew when I heard them they would win. I was disappointed with North Metro's performance. Tom and I are definitely going to Calgary to cheer on Harborlites.

Vonnie said...

Missed you last night. When do you get home? Or are you and just didn't come. Do you like my new picture?