Monday, September 03, 2007

Labor Day Monday

So ~ Saturday I spent scrapping from 12 noon to 10:30 pm. My pal who is the hostess is going through hell -- and does not deserve it (does anyone, really?). It was good she had us friends over, because we did make her laugh, and took her mind off, and allowed her to express the anger and hate she is feeling toward the soon-to-be-but-not-soon-enough-ex.

Sunday I made it to church and that was good. I always feel rotten when I leave, though. depressed. No one to hang out with afterwards, I suppose -- to go out to eat with or whatever. My friend T is out of town, cuz usually we go out afterwards... when we are both there, which is rare.

The sermon was on The Beatitudes in Matthew 5, specifically Mercy -
"Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy." I couldn't help but think about Jeff Walling and his incredible, moving and memorable talk on the same passage at Pepperdine in May. Is that fair? Different speakers with probably different focuses on what each was trying to communicate to very different audiences, yet I can't help but compare the presentation of the message. It brought home to me that I need to do something more than just show up.

On my way home I stopped at the craft store because, you know, they had the 50% off any regular priced item... so I dropped $90.00 on regular priced items (sigh) -- there goes the house help!! At least for a little while longer. I'm excited about a couple new stamps I got, a book on organizing your craft space (very much needed for me!!), and a new sizzix die ~ a puzzle pattern. One day I'm going to do a whole scrapbook on puzzle pieces, and something about how I'm becoming me -- the theme for the "All About Me" scrapbook -- *ha ha* as if all of them aren't already all about me.... *rolling the eyes*

Then himself and I went to Denny's for breakfast around 2:30 pm - I love that. I was in the mood for pancakes and my uncle, who knows himself's penchant for Denny's, brought up a coupon a couple weeks ago. [ which reminds me I bought the new Entertainment Book '08, so have to remember to use it!! ] We wandered around a different Big Lots! -- a different location than our usual store, and I found some scrapbook stuff at the nearby dollar store ~ so it was a nice afternoon.

Today I meant to clear off my craft table and get some organization done -- but no - I've just spent the last ... uh... like 6 hours watching barbershop uploads on YouTube. Ack.
I only signed up with an account on the site yesterday ~ but you can see what videos I saved... a little insight into the obsession some call a hobby of barbershop singing.

Here is a great speech, written and on video, on the subject of singing barbershop, and how it isn't just a hobby, it is an addiction that needs to be fed. The speech is long, it is funny, it is heartfelt, and it can be about life, not just about barbershop singing. Music is something that is universal -- and I feel today the way I felt in May at Pepperdine Lectures ~ about how much I need to be singing. Sharing the music in me with others. As Jim Henry Says, "We're only given a limited number of notes to sing -- and we need to not squander our notes, but sing every one with care." That isn't quite verbatim, but it's pretty close to what he says in his speech.

I'm feeling inspired. To sing (or live) with the fullest measure. The fullest measure of everything that is good and positive.

[funny how two weeks of every month I'm doom and gloom, and two weeks I'm pollyanna....]

So -- things are better than they were a month ago... although I'm still a lot more fearful than I used to be. About everything. Which makes me angry. But I believe everything happens for a reason and so I'm going to choose to be thankful regarding my circumstances. :D

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Vonnie said...

I took care of that two weeks of doom and gloom and two weeks of pollyanna when I was 38 and had the big H. Best thing that ever happened to me!