Saturday, May 03, 2008

My Week

I don't remember much, to be honest...

I went in late on Monday -- (which is been approved, and is a habit I'm trying to keep) -- but have been hustling ever since.

Work is crazy busy with end of the year stuff -- who will be coming back to chorus. How do we communicate the increase of tuition and new payment system (quarterly rather than monthly). Auditions are coming... need to make sure all the small details we've thought of ever since the last audition gets included. I had a dream night before last about re-wording some of the information -- that when you join the Tucson Girls Chorus you're investing in your daughter as well as the organization... it isn't just dropping your kid off for an hour or so every week... and the ROI (Return On Investment) is the growth and confidence built that you see in your daughter.

There's making sure all 120 families are caught up on their accounts -- which is a nightmare because our accounting system is a screwed up mess -- it confuses everyone, including us... so trying to explain to parents is just a nightmare. bleh.

Then there's the program layout -- which I love doing but takes a million hours and I condense it into half a million. And the flyer distribution to the zillions of schools in the 7 districts that are in town... and getting it together for parents to come and deliver a handful of flyers to their local schools --

Ahh... you'd think I've only been working.

And mostly I have. Was in today from 11:30 to 8:20. And I'll be there tomorrow... and no going in late on Monday this week. :-(

Our van was broken into and someone(s) attempted to steal it Wednesday night/Thursday morning -- so Thursday was pretty much shot dealing with Police, Insurance, Car Rental and my wonderful himself who, the night before had finished smoking all his cigarettes and bought nicotine gum and is quitting smoking... great for him to find out Thursday morning about the van.

Dog didn't make a sound.

I did work out twice this week, and went and visited a small singing group called "Desert Tones" -- it was fun, low-key... this small group of women gave our girls a substantial donation -- and with the challenges we're running into in the tour cost for the Advanced Choir because the dollar has taken such a dive, along with the rising cost of fuel, well -- lets just say the timing is beautiful.

May 2oth... that is when I can breathe.

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