Friday, April 25, 2008

How has almost a week gone by?

And what was I doing?

I've worked out twice (yay me!!)

Work has been less crazy but just as busy.

I want to go to the county fair tomorrow (and I've not wanted to go to the fair in years).

I am eating a lot more salad... always a good thing.

We're not going to build the Arizona room this year. We need to save up for the things we want... and before we do anything we need to get our emergency fund back up to a decent amount.

I have another workout buddy (Yay!)

I haven't managed to go to bed very early lately... and it is key to getting up early!

I really really need to clean my car. Inside and out.

I finally loaded up my ipod -- and figured out itunes on my pc. I'm entering the 21st century ;-)

I refuse to text. I understand the value of it... but hate pushing a key on the number keypad more than once to get the letter I need. It bothers me to just find a name of someone to call (!)

There is nothing more I can think of to write.


Tim Castle said...

And how do I respond?

Good for you on working out; I hope it's not catching.

Work is for people who can't handle daytime TV.

County fairs would be a whole lot more fun if they'd drop the whole livestock thing.... unless they added a "fresh farm-fed beef, lamb, and pork" eating place. Hmmmm.

I thought all your rooms were in Arizona.

I guess it is catching. (Note to self: get your shots before going anywhere near Arizona.)

Sleep is for people who can't handle late night TV.

With two kids, I need an industrial van, so I can clean the inside with the same hose I use to clean the outside.

Just be glad you didn't get a Zune; you'd still be trying to figure out the right swear words to make it work!

Texting is easier if you've got a phone with more features than you need. Lovin' my iPhone!

When you can't think of anything to write, it's time to start plagiarizing!

Ann(ie) said...

I've been more a texter since I got my Blackberry, but I'm with you it's a lot of work when you can just call someone.

I LOVE me a fair. Usually b/c they have corndogs and elephant ears. ;)

Happy weekend girlie. Keep up the good work...salad, exercise....go you!