Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Work out, then chocolate ice cream - nothing incongruous there, is there?

It's hot. When its hot I eat a lot of ice cream. I tried to do frozen yogurt one summer with a cheap freezer thing-a-ma-bob, but it broke and wasn't all that great... and took way-hay too long to freeze up the yogurt.

Yes, my second workout with weights today... yi-yi-yi!!! I was really in pain last Friday and Saturday... and I know it is a good pain, so I was enthusiastic when I groaned and moaned... ;-)

I need to get in the habit of going every day - and tomorrow my goal is to go after work and just do 20 minutes on the treadmill. I also want to take advantage of the food plan that the personal training program gives me. I've resisted for so long being told what to eat... and that hasn't worked spectacularly for me... eating when I'm hungry and eating what I want to eat works for me, when I focus on actually doing it.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

So... on my way to the fitness center after work, I'm heading south and turning left to get to my gym. In my town our green arrows in most intersections come after the main green light... so I was in a line of left-turning cars and as it got to my turn to actually make the left, I saw what had been hidden infront of the tall SUV in front of me... a blind man was crossing the street in the middle of the intersection!

I saw a man who had obviously seen what was going on and was running to him to let him know that he was *standing in the middle of 12 lanes of opposing traffic.*

It looked like the blind man thought he had crossed the entire intersection (West to East) when indeed he'd only crossed 4 lanes, came to the island that separates the dual road, so he turned to then cross North to South. Holy Crap!!!

I said a prayer of thanks for the guy who was running to help him out. I said a prayer of thanks that everyone so far had seen him and wasn't honking obnoxiously at him (which only would have confused him, I'm pretty sure). Then I said a prayer of thanks for my health and my sight. How easy it would be to make that mistake, especially if my mind was on something other than crossing 6 lanes of traffic.

So... if you're reading this, give thanks.


Kellie said...

Whew! That was a close one! So glad that somebody helped him.

And yes! That is an awesome reminder to be thankful for sight and health, and the goodness of strangers!

Alex said...

A day without chocolate is a day without sunshine.Life without chocolate is like a beach without water. People are not equal, their are good and bad.

C D said...

Well said, Alex :-)