Saturday, April 19, 2008

Bizzare Websites

Of all the weird stuff on the 'net, once in awhile my mind wanders to the three more bizarre (therefore memorable) sites I just happened upon by accident.

Knowing I wanted to post these on the blog, naturally finding them again has taken 20 minutes (so much more information out there now!)...

Why Does Corn Show Up In Poop? The original page I found on this site, but this site has some interesting thoughts as well.

Life Gems. I'd never heard of this until I came across this site.

There's one more but I can't find it and I've got to get going.... maybe later.


Ann(ie) said...

That life gem thing is kind of cool!

Kellie said...


I love you but, what in the world would possess you to look at the corn "issue"? ;)