Thursday, April 17, 2008

Workout #3!!

Well... I could hardly put my left side hand on my hip today... my arm muscles hurt so bad.

I worked out again with my personal trainer today -- 5 minutes walking, 40 minutes weights, 4 minutes on the elliptical and 20 minutes walking -- mostly right around 2 mph. The difference today was that I spent 15 minutes stretching. Oh it hurts so good!!

* * * * * *
Nothing major going on except I was a crabby b-word pretty much all day... couldn't get anything done between the phone, email, talking to people who were coming into my office, and the pile of crap on all three surfaces that I'll generously call a desk being covered with papers and more papers and calendars and calculators... ack!!

After Saturday things will be better.

I really want to vent about this Combined PR Event We Are Doing experience in the worst way... but I wouldn't be nice, or even funny, really... and I really do want to KMMS... (Keep My Mouth Shut) as it has managed to get me into trouble a number of times in the past, and I need to just Get Over It Already.

I'm going to hang out with some fun and funny people tomorrow and crop and scrap... which will be much fun!!

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