Sunday, April 06, 2008

A Day of Rest

After a 13-day work stretch I'm thoroughly enjoying today. I slept in until 10 am, cleared off the dining room table, took a shower, irritated himself doing taxes, helped himself with taxes (brought it from paying the IRS to them paying us $37 because of what I spent on craft supplies for my business... any other day he would have been upset at the spending. Ah-hah! now I know when to reveal my receipts from JoAnn's, Michaels and other craft sources!! :-), organized receipts from Jan-Mar of this year, and started some laundry.

My goal for today was to plan 3 weeks of weight watcher meals and shopping lists for us... it is now 6pm and himself has gone to blockbuster to return videos and get new ones, then heading to the grocery for some supplies, and we'll settle down, eat some pizza and watch movies.

I'm hoping to get a week done for the shopping/eating plan.

I went and talked to Better Bodies on Friday after work and got an idea of how much they charge -- cough cough. $70 an hour which, like most things, goes down the more sessions you buy up front -- even then, however, it is 36 sessions for $55 which would cost $1,980.00. I'm not saying it isn't worth it. Their literature does say that if budget is a primary concern, then they probably aren't the ones for you.

I left a message for the guy at Snap 24 Fitness ~ I'll get my training in with him (free for the first time), and then talk to him about having a trainer maybe once a week. I'm ready, but just couldn't afford the Better Bodies Budget.

And the reunions coming up have absolutely nothing to do with my motivation.


Yep, I mean it. :-)

The big event yesterday for work went pretty well -- I was tired and crabby, but think I faked it okay. We had over 21 kids show up for StarKidz 2008 -- with almost no advertising. This was the 2nd year, and by next year I think I'll be okay to chair the whole thing and organize it (with the expectation that I'll have some office help by then).

It still is crazy between now and May 20th, but there's a little breather for the next couple days... little.

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