Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Oh Why Am I Not Asleeping?

Big Mama's blog post today cracked me up -- inspired me...? or just made me envious about being able to write a post that would make himself's quirks lovable. Like how he balls up his socks to wash them. you know, like you pair socks up after you've washed, dried and sorted them -- getting them ready to put them away? Well, he balls them all up before washing them, in order to prevent single sock syndrome. I have a sneaking feeling that this prevents them from getting the cleanest clean possible.

I'm sure I can come up with more ~ but it is late, I should be sleeping.

Speaking of Himself ~ our first of the two wedding anniversaries was Monday, April 6th. I know I have so many people reading my blog -- anyone venture a guess... quite a few people know, I know (how many times can I write/type know??)... no prize offering, sorry.

I went to my chorus "Friends & Family Night" where they do their stuff over and over in preparation for the big contest on Saturday in Phoenix. They rocked! I think I'm going to ride up with friends to watch for the day -- I came home tonight and watched a bunch of barbershop on You Tube.

like this:

Yep, revealing a lot about me today.

I went and signed up with a personal trainer - 20 minutes on the treadmill with hills yesterday kicked my butt. But I have a goal! Thursday I go in for weights. whoo hoo.

I am excited about working out -- it is cutting back on the fat in my diet that sucks the big one. whine whine.

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Ann(ie) said...

GOOD for you on the Personal Trainer. I have been slacking big time in the health arena. Ice Cream has been a close pal of mine lately....I need to shake it off and get out for a walk!! feh.