Sunday, October 26, 2008

Long Time Not Here...

I'm woefully behind in blogging...

I got back from my voonderbar week away -- and hit the ground running with prepping for the TGC Rummage Sale.

I hate the Rummage Sale.

In case I'm not clear - the Rummage Sale and everything it is associated with... -- is detestable.

I enjoy going to other folks' rummage sales... yard sales... etc... It gives a peek into how strange people live (and by strange I mean unknown... and sometimes weird).

Last year we made $3,000 on the Rummage Sale and for all the agonizing over the lack of help sorting and pricing through the donations that over 100 families dropped off (that is a lot of trash... er -- treasure!!) -- fretting over how many volunteers were actually going to be there to help on the day -- struggling with l i f t i n g and c a r r y i n g -- two things which are truly truly odious to me... I figure $3,000 was barely worth it.

Yesterday we'd only made $1,500 -- which really sucks cuz we were more organized, had done more pre-advertising... had our girls promoting on a local radio station the Friday morning before it starting... had signs out... and in the economy we're in one would think we were in a position to do better. But no.

It will be over today. And for that I'm grateful. And in case you're worried that my feelings are not known amongst my workmates -- please do not be worried.

* * * * *

As for my terrifically fantastic vacation -- I scrapped over 50 pages in total -- 25+ for my sister (with some pages done from said sister and step-mom); and 25 pages of my good friend D's 40th surprise party (he turns 42 in February). I still have the random life photos to put on the pages for D's second album... but the party is done done done.

Seeing family was great -- as always. It was a huge bummer himself couldn't come with me :-(
and he was missed big-time by my family. We played Taboo and Catch Phrase and Clue... ate obscenely (though not as bad as it could have been), and I did a lot of laying around -- oh, and did I mention scrapbooking?

We went to Sea World in San Diego -- and I haven't shared with the world the results of my doctor's visit the Friday before I left -- I came away with the knowledge that my knee issues aren't just because seats are too low... my knee cap is sliding out of its groove -- my sis gave me some exercises to help with it -- and walking helps a lot. I mention it now because walking 600+ acres of sea world wiped me out. I mean, I was done by the time we had walked from the car to the entrance... which is so very pathetic and didn't help me feel good about myself. I got some good pics, but still have to get them off my photo card at the drugstore -- card reader at home isn't wanting to play.

I also came away from the Dr. with high blood pressure medicine (I blame the job -- NOT that I'm way overweight and don't exercise --NNOOooooo.... those two things have nothing to do with it!! ;-) -- some happy pills (which I'm extremely happy to have), and two other things that I won't share with the world, but suffice to say that these are things that never crossed my mind in my 20's & 30's. bleh -- I say BLEH to aging ungracefully (disgracefully??).

After seeing family, I went up the mountain 7,650 feet to Big Bear to scrap with 38 other women for 3 days. I've never done this kind of thing before (not that I haven't wanted to!), and it is so worth saving money and doing 3 times a year! I got so much done, had tons o' fun and I was relaxed and truly vacationing... usually I'm scrambling seeing and doing as much as I can when I go away -- and this was just a really really wonderful chance to unwind and be lazy but still get stuff done!

And I was blissfully chilled - cold even! The weather was gorgeous - warm in the sun, cool in the shade, a beautiful breeze... the hotel was kinda cheesy but very comfortable and the staff was friendly and the food was (mostly) very tasty.

T and I are planning to plan a local (but still 'away') scrapping weekend -- I'm muchly looking forward to it!


Baroness Insomniac said...

You have been a busy lady!! I'm so glad you got to enjoy your family and a holiday. =))

I can relate to the knee "challenge" as both of mine sublux'd. You can get it back in but oh be so careful until you do! Phsyio.


Ann(ie) said...

WOW girl. You've been very busy!!! I'm behind in blogging, too. meh. Life is kicking my booty lately, but most of it is good stuff I guess. I have always wanted to go to Seaworld....Someday!!! need pics. :)