Saturday, October 04, 2008

Technology Today

So... after our van was attempted to be stolen (just no good grammar way to write that thought when I'm in a hurry), we had to get the starter mechanism repaired. And there is a computer chip that has to connect with the ignition key (van key) in order for the van to go.

Well -- himself's key is all fine and good.

Mine... not so much. So this morning I had 15 minutes I'll never get back -- thinking the van was broken forever in a weird way that wasn't the battery or that anything was really *wrong* with the van -- when, in fact, I was just using the wrong van key.

My key opens the doors too. It just doesn't make the van go.

Who would think that changing keys (which you think are exactly the same, when in fact they are not), would make the van go.

I tell you -- not such simple times we live in, ya know.

- - - - -
so, now I'm off to teach seniors how to make napkin rings with toilet paper tubes.

I know you want one.


Krista said...

I *do* want one of those napkin rings! Tell me how you do it, pretty please? Otherwise, Paul will be in charge of the Thanksgiving napkins, and you know how that goes! :)

Baroness Insomniac said...

I'll see your napkin rings and raise you toilet paper rolls "Chrissie Crackers" wrapped in tartan wrapping paper.

Ha! You didn't think I had it in me didja? ;-)

Van attempted to be stolen... tell it to stop that. Glad it wasn't successful!!!

Kellie said...

You learn something new everyday! I wouldn't have had any idea that the key wouldn't have worked!