Monday, February 23, 2009


Yep. 91 Flippin' Degrees on February 23rd. I'll have to start my griping about the hot weather earlier than usual, I guess. grump grump grump!!

Quartet is going well.

Himself is doing well.

My job is still a lot of work (for which I'm thankful...)

Passed my chorus audition last week, so now I've got to start paying money.
It is exciting as we're going to Nashville for the Sweet Adelines International Contest in October... and I know that most of the fun is in the journey ~

"It is good to have an end to journey toward,
but it is the journey that matters in the end."

I spent a lot of yesterday looking up vocal education stuff to work on with quartet.
I now need to do some actual singing...

Going to attend an arranging workshop on April 4th, here in town -- and there are a number of chorus members who want to come and learn more about arranging and barbershop chords etc... so time to brush up on my theory!

I can hardly move in my craft studio/office -- so need to clear some surfaces!

Today I cleared off most of the kitchen table.
I'm not Catholic, and don't know anything about Lent except you give something up. Usually until Easter, but I'm hoping my list will continue for a lot longer than that.

I'm giving up: Fast Food Drive Thrus... this has become a wallet-reducing habit. If I need to eat fast food (cuz face it, sometimes it happens), I have to GO INSIDE.

I'm giving up: TV Reruns... I can't tell you how long I've sat in front of the boob tube watching stuff I've seen before (or worse, shows I can't stand). No More. I've also written a list of the 7 shows (7 hours a week) of tv watching that I'm allowing myself. This is one of the reasons I end up staying up so late (even having fallen asleep in front of the tv, I still sit there instead of going to bed!!)

I'm giving up: Eating in front of the telly. (which is why I cleared off much of the kitchen table.) Usually after the meal I just sit there for another couple of hours, rather than getting up and cleaning up and going and doing something more productive. Getting up from the table is different that getting up from my reclining couch! Easier.

did I mention we turned on the cooler today?!!


Ann(ie) said...

I need to stop eating in front of the boob tube, too. Gets me into trouble!!!!

Baroness Insomniac said...

Sounds like great ideas for improving one's health and life! =))

Heat... heat... oh how I wish it was that warm here!! =)