Thursday, April 02, 2009

Wow!! Where DID March go....??

Zoomed by it did!! I've been a bbaaaaaaaddddd blogger!!

Have been spending far too much time on Facebook!

My new quartet is fab.
Himself is doing well... need to post pictures of his Man-Cave (aka HUGE shed)
Rascal is rascally.
Being back at chorus is great.
The weather cooled down the second half of March and it has been beautiful.
I walked 10 minutes yesterday.
My knee is still bothering me.
Our portable DVD is broken.
My house is a MESS!!
I finished re-reading the Mitford Series *so good*
My calendar is still saying February... perhaps that is why I lost a whole month, ya think?
We made Flower Pens last month in craft class.
This month we'll be making paper flower bouquets -- need to get busy experimenting exactly how that will work.
My dad had hip surgery... a little worrisome but he's doing very well.
My sister is going through a divorce -- we're all agreed it is the best thing, but the soon-to-be ex is being a real knob (that is Britspeak... look it up ;-)

Well... really, that's about all I can think of right now. How's that for random??


Ann(ie) said...

ssssssssssshhhhh. DOn't tell Mateo about the man cave. His is being turned into a playroom. Dude is not happy.

Good to see you back, love. Missed you!!!!

Baroness Insomniac said...

LOL you still break into Brit speak? =))