Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter a Day Late

This has been the only weekend in a long long while where I've been home both days with nothing I *had* to do. Nowhere planned to go... no commitments. Saturday I started cleaning/re-arranging my studio/craft room... needed to be able to get to my filing cabinet which houses tax records and music. Put some of my clothes in the closet (lots of Sweet Adeline costumes etc...), and took down a 4-foot table that was just another flat surface to pile stuff on. Sometimes it got used as a workspace, but mostly it was a "hot spot." (Flylady's term for 'place where a bunch of stuff is put down, never to be put away again....')

The real reason I started the cleanse-craze is because I wanted to find the pictures of my high school production of "Oklahoma!" to post on Facebook (!) Whatever works, man. *wry smile!*

After this post I'll be finishing up some of the putting away in here... there's still some empty spaces that aren't filled with stuff ;-)

Saturday night my pal said, "let's color eggs" -- so I went over and we had yummy teryaki meatballs, veggies, m & m's - roasted peeps over the grill (can we say 'sick and wrong and VERY YUMMY'?!?!?), and were quite creative in our egg-art efforts. Oh yeah... and cake balls. Wow. Easy. Yummy. Gotta make me some.

Bake a Cake, crumble when warm. Mix in can of frosting with cake crumbles. Form into 2-inch balls. Freeze. Melt chocolate chips in microwave, use a little shortening to smooth out if you want. Dip frozen cake balls in melted chocolate. Place on wax paper and freeze again. Perfect size for sweet cravings without having the whole cake (and eating it too....!) She had done a pineapple/coconut cake with I forgot the frosting flavor... but really, any flavor would be soooo good!!

Since I can't get the photos off my camera at home, will have to wait to go to work and put them on my thumb drive and ...well, you know the drill.

Sunday I was supposed to go to church but didnt' make it. Not sure what is up exactly... still praying, still writing in my journal... still singing...

Instead, himself and I cleaned and tidied... which hasn't been done in a Very. Very. Very. Very.
Longggggggg time. Seriously. I've swept up the tufts of dog hair every couple weeks (yes, weeks), and that is about it. Yesterday we vacuumed -- moved the couches so we could sit on the opposite cushions and wear them down equally... so vacummed the entire living room floor... he hooked up the new surround sound system (the old went died) while the furniture was moved. We moved some furniture around to better house the technology/television stuff, I dusted a bit -- still some dusting to finish but it is so much better...

I did quite a few loads of laundry, and FOLDED it and AND put it AWAY. *yay me!!*

I changed the sheets on the bed and took off the electric mattress cover in preparation for warmer weather... though I have to say I had it on the night before... we've had some awesomely beautiful spring weather -- COOL. Breezy (o.k., winds up to 45 mph) and warmish days (low 80s) with nights down quite cool -- it rained pretty much all day on Saturday, and was cold (for April in Tucson)!! I'm lovin' it!!

I vacuumed our room, dusted, and did himself's laundry too... himself hooked up the former DVD player that was with the dead surround sound sytem to the tv in the bedroom and while we rarely watch anything in there, now we are DVD-capable, which is cool.

Tonight is "Friends & Family" night for chorus - we'll be doing our package for the contest weekend in a couple weeks in Pasadena... so full costume & makeup -- which is one of the reasons I had to get the clothing issue sorted and put in my closet in the craft room.

Last weekend was quartet weekend and the barbershop arranging day, which went really well, I thought!! It was fun, and as usual, I get inspired when I go.

Quartet was weird -- the other gals had just had a big performance two nights before, and were brain dead and vocally tired -- they'd driven down here, so they were done before we even started... and I was all weird too. We did some good ground-laying work on a song, and did some detail work on another -- but we did a lot of talking too, which is a good thing too.

This upcoming weekend is craft class (another motivation for organizing the craft room), and quartet again on Sunday up in Phoenix area.

So... since I've been kinda going non-stop until the weekend, maybe my 4 readers will forgive me. Or look on FB, where I'm still spending way too much time!!! Still love reading blogs, too, though!!!

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