Tuesday, December 27, 2005

First (?) Post - Why I'm Here

I've done one of these blogs before, but it was over a year ago, I didn't write down any of the pertinent information, and wasn't really thinking how useful it could be.... I'm getting worse about keeping in touch with people I care about, so I'm thinking (taking a cue from Tim Castle) that if I were to keep this blog somewhat up to date, it would give folks a chance to take a glimpse of my (our) life (lives) without me having to feel too guilty about not keeping in touch.

Not that there won't be any guilt. Because of course we all want to feel special and unique. Valued. Validated. So while I will check the box that says "Keeping in touch" - I won't be checking each and every individual's box that says "Keeping in touch in a unique and personal manner." Hope that is understood. *I know what I'm trying to say!*

Not that my (our) annual Christmas/New Year's/as-late-as-Valentines Day-one-year letter is personal and unique, either. But I've not even tried to keep up in the last couple years. One lame reason was because it cost a fortune to post anything from Scotland when you send to over 150 people and the letter(s) I compose are certainly not condensed... they're works of art (ha!) and I'm certain everyone wants to know every minute detail of our lives, no?!

So ~ back to my original intent... since I'm scrapbooking and have been incredibly lame in keeping up with my journal/diary in the last 6 months especially, I'll hopefully keep up to date online (since I'm on the computer all the time anyway), and then can refer back when I get around to scrapbooking and have dates, names and events already chronicalled (sp?). And the bonus side is that I can send this link to people and they can read/catch up with me and I only have to write stuff once. I'm such a lazy butt. But you knew that.

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