Thursday, December 29, 2005

The blahs

Maybe if I write blah blah blah blah enough it will eventually give way and become something else.... like in freewriting exercises in English 101 in college... ya think?

I woke up this morning all excited to scrap ~ then got caught up in the unfinished projects I have going (I can't even count how many unfinished personal projects I have, not to mention the projects I'm doing for other people!), and was trying to organize the photos that I have online, on discs, what photos are developed and waiting to get put into a scrapbook -- so it ends up I get no pictures on a page, and very little done with the so-called organization of my photos on the pc.

blah blah BLAH! ARGH!!

I did have a lovely day with Aunt Marlene, who gave me $100 Christmas money and so we shopped... I got a couple of things that I'm happy about, and she got a really neat new outfit. We went to Dillard's, which I've managed to avoid completely since being back in the states -- the store at Park Place (still Park Mall or Llam Krap in my mind) is so different it is hard to imagine that I once worked there. I found something for pop Larry for next Christmas, and also some things for Brian -- his birthday is February, and the other thing he really needs. Love these 1/2 price after-Christmas sales :-)

The scarf & necklace I got her from Maya Palace (note to self: when my ship comes in I'm going to spend A LOT of money there... yummy yummy stuff in there!!) went over well, and I'm glad she liked them and will be able to match things she has with them.

WAY too much food consumed at Beyond Bread. Went home instead of getting to Target to return stuff, to Curves (!), and to the grocery store to get goodies for the weekend.

I didn't make it to Curves 3 x this week ~ but I'm going tomorrow, and I hope they're open 1/2 a day on Saturday so I can get in at least 2 x this week. Nothing to stop me from getting on the treadmill... *sigh* I could learn a lot of music if I would just figure out my mp3 player and get the music I'm supposed to be learning on to the disk...

I think maybe I'm starting to truely understand the value of time - and the value of paying someone to do something that I could do myself but just don't have the time...

O.K. ~ I'm going to get that page kit done!

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