Sunday, January 01, 2006

Whining Thoughts

Maybe instead of trying to change myself in 2006, I should commit to keeping myself ...

I resolve to keep trying.

  • To keep trying to keep my house from becoming the black hole of clutter
  • To keep trying to keep in touch with people I care about

I resolve to be okay with who I am.

One of the things the world wants to change, or at least I feel pressured to try and keep changing is to make me a morning person.

I am a night owl. I have tried many many MANY times to try to change this inner clock within me, and get up in the morning and 'be all productive' -- and I end up taking a nap in the afternoon and staying up late anyway... I want to stand up for my preferences a little more this year (i.e., "meeting at 9 am is a little early for me, I need to make it 10:30.")

The only thing I want to change is to include exercise as much a part of my life as brushing my teeth. The problem is, I really don't enjoy it. Sure I feel better afterwards, who doesn't(!!)? When I remember that I'm doing it to "get my breath back" in order to sing better, that is really the only thing that helps me get my butt off the chair and off to the treadmill or to Curves.

All the magazines and advice columns say 'find something you enjoy' ~ hrmph. I enjoy so very little in the active world. Swimming was pretty awesome summer before last at Rosalies (thanks Rosalie), but it involved getting up early in the morning (BLECH!!). yeah yeah yeah - excuse excuse excuse... As Nike so eloquently says, "Just DO it!" I didn't mean for this to be a big whine.

My other 'resolution' is to get pages done. Done for me, Done for my client, Done Done Done.

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