Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Tea Bag Philosophy

I made my cup of wussy Green Chai Tea this morning. I love this stuff, but the caffeine rush -- well, I missed it during my morning nap if there was one (a rush). Give me coffee first, please, then give me the green healthy-for-you stuff. Anyway, on the Tea Bag paper there was this quote - "The one who rotates the earth for you takes care of your routine." (The brand of tea is "Yogi Tea" - so that speaks volumes right there...)

Okay, so yesterday I was whining about feeling bad because I have no routine and on one level wished my life was smoother. (Yesterday was a low day, though I did perk up a bit after writing the blog, took a shower and actually left the house. I also went to chorus, which is always invigorating. But again, I digress.)

Then I wake up to this quote, which made me feel, "Whew! being without routine is okay," according to Yogi Green Chai Tea bag.

I tend to be an extremely intuitive person. My gut hasn't been wrong very often when sizing up someone I meet for the first time - I know immediately if this is someone with whom I will trust and open up with, and if I don't feel that, it isn't that I don't like the person, it is just that the person will be on my permanent 'alert'. By intuitive, I am also constantly asking God to show me the way, give me sign, shout out his answer to whatever my question du jour is. So things tend to be "signs" ~ and this is directly related to the lack of follow through.

Yet, I like the fact that I'm flexible and can shift gears so easily and try different things. This is one thing about myself that I feel positive about ~ and since I'm constantly working to have more "I Like This About Myself" moments and traits, I'm not going to mess around with it.

I wish I could tie it all up like a tidy package. Ah, but we are not built like that. The minute one issue/problem/challenge is solved, we're off to fix something else... a constant state of trying to wrap the package neatly, but all the tools are scattered around and on the table, and not handy for a quick wrap.

So... and this is perhaps why I take so long to make certain decisions (not like moving to Scotland, which was a no-brainer for me)... I'm trying to balance the intuitive/touchy-feely/allow the miracle to happen/have faith (tea bag wisdom) VS. stay on the path/don't stray/keep focused (traditional wisdom, though I use wisdom here only because I can't think of a better word).

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