Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Today - Jan 24

Going to crop today ~ My plan is to get my own Christmas 2005 done -- then at least *Christmases* 2002 - 2005 will be done...

I've discovered that I seem to not feel as unproductive with my day if I can at least be in the shower by 8am... then if I need to go out I'm prepared, if I need to be out early-ish (before 11 am is early for us!) I can be prepared, but getting up at 7am isn't too bad.

I went to Curves yesterday! Yay for me!! *wild applause* Now, just to stay well and healthy!

Tonight is chorus night, and I never did get back to practicing "Sweet Georgia Brown" for chorus ~ and when I told himself about my 'shut the window' incident he was quite indignant for me -- then found out I was singing the same phrase over and over, and he kinda understood where the outside voice was coming from -- and so do I. There's a small group performance on Friday, so we'll be getting together before rehearsal tonight - super early, it seems -- and there are front row auditions going on, too.

I'm just kind of 'typing out loud' my day ~ since I don't have real deep thoughts before 11am... :-)

Talked to himself about joining weight watchers -- we'll wait for his next paycheck to join - I like the fact you can eat anything you want, you just have to count it toward your points. Food isn't the enemy, and the 'good food - bad food' thing really turns me off and creates a rebellious she-devil -- "No one's gonna tell ME I can't have a donut!" and a dozen donuts gone. vanished. Like they never existed. I have the starter booklet that tells you how many points you get per day by how much you weigh, and one of the leaders of a meeting I went to in the summer of '04 (that is weird to think I've been back that long) talked about starting your 24-hours in the evening... you still get the same amount of points, but your starting point becomes when you eat dinner, rather than in the mornings. I found that very helpful -- and eating breakfast & lunch can pretty easily be low-points. (no pun intended...?!)

The challenge for him will be to get in enough vegetables. Iceburg lettuce isn't going to cut it. We like opposite vegetables - he loves mushrooms, cooked carrots, green peppers -- doesn't go in much for broccoli (I love broccoli) or zucchini (aka courgette) - though he did eat the 4 slices I put on his plate last night :-) Somehow I hope I can hide veggies in some foods so that he gets the nutrients without necessarily tasting them.

So, before we join, I'm trying to put together 10 meal ideas/shopping lists/ snacks & lunches so I can put together a regular shopping list.

And it is now 8:05am - time to get my day started.

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