Thursday, January 05, 2006

15 Minutes

Well ~ my apartment is a little cleaner... mom came over today. How sad am I that the only strong enough motivation for me to clear clutter and clean countertops, empty himself's ashtray and mop the floor is people coming over. I even vacuumed (sp?)!! I do, however, clean my bathroom regularly. Aren't you glad?!

I'm so externally motivated. I don't keep my word to myself, but much more likely to keep my word to someone else. It is all about appearances, it seems.

Still sick, and my right ear is back to being clogged, only this time it is sloshing around and popping. gross.

The Big Exciting Opportunity (BEO) is looking to take off... don't want to put anything on the 'net about it, but have talked to people who have given me some fabulous ideas, and will talk to HER next week. (isn't it fun reading a mystery? I promise all will be revealed when it is time... if you call me I *might* tell you!)

15 minutes... I did my 15 minutes + of housework today... still a long way to go...

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