Sunday, January 15, 2006

Being Thankful For Health

I still have some ear issues, but my voice is back, and my headaches are gone. What a difference when we're healthy. I still have lots of stuff to do, but at least I feel better now!!

I drove with my friend Carol (also the bass of my quartet, Hearts Afire) to San Diego on Wednesday for my Thursday voice lesson with Kim Hulbert... she of 3 International Quartet Crowns -- High Society, Savvy & A Cappella Gold. Kim is my "vocal hero" ~ and she also is a very entertaining, funny & extremely knowledgeable and talented woman. Having some one-on-one time with her was fabulous. She opened my eyes as to why "Lullabye In Ragtime" hurts when I'm done... trying to sing with my soft palette as the primary resonating space, at the same time closing down trying to force the barbershop forward sound and 'muscle-ing' the sound makes for tense vocal production... WRONG! She went over percentages of what notes to sing in what percentage of head voice vs chest voice ~ and explained to me in a way that I understood, the difference in head voice in barbershop vs head voice in 'classical' or 'legitimate' singing (i.e., the opera style most vocal performance majors learn in college!).

The difference is where the sound resonates. Yes, I've heard that before, and had it told to me before... but in this situation, with Kim there to answer my questions, in this context, the light bulb went off... whoo HOOOO!!!

So... just that much information makes the drive and the time and money worth it, but she also went through our new uptune and gave me some ideas, and discouraged us from taking our ballad to contest -- which I'm super bummed about, but yes, it is the song that everyone is singing right now... and finding another ballad that we can make our own is a better idea.

Carol and I had a great time on the drive ~ listening to my friend Marie Barlow's CD and then telling "ghost" stories... weird or freaky things that we've personally experienced or trusted friends have experienced... that was fun!

I got back at 2am on Friday morning ~ and spent yesterday inputting the new chorus uptune into Noteworthy Composer. I tried to do some research on the song, "Sweet Georgia Brown" but only confirmed that yes, it is a song about a prostitute. It is a new uptune for Tucson Desert Harmony Chorus, so I've been spending time with the rhythm and words, as I plan to have it memorized by the end of January.

Himself and I rented two movies last night - "March of the Penguins" and "The 40-year Old Virgin" -- we watched the Penguins last night and it was very very cool. Amazing what nature is capable of... and when we think we have it hard... we don't have to walk 70 miles every 2 to 3 months to regurgitate food for our young. On icy water. In -75 degree temps. And when we're not walking sit among our own waste. We'll watch the other one tonight.

After sending out notices to friends about this blog, I've heard from a number of folks I've not heard from in awhile... and even received some photos... so thank you friends!!! :-)

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