Friday, January 06, 2006

Friday Jan 6th

Feeling better, but my ear is still swishing and popping... if it isn't better by tomorrow I'll be making an appointment with the ear doctor. Re-arranged quartet rehearsal from this weekend to Tuesday, and driving to San Diego for a voice lesson on Wednesday ~ so excited!

Kim Hulbert is my vocal "hero" in the barbershop world - and it has been so long since I had any kind of lesson at all (I'm ashamed to admit), that I'm really looking forward to the day.

My head isn't pounding as much today -- but still feel pretty crappy -- I'm still on my Chicken Noodle Soup kick ~ it really has been all I've eaten for the last couple of days.

Wednesday night has been designated "catch up on movies we want to see" night ~ himself and I will either rent a couple DVDs and order pizza, or go out to the cheap theatre and have dinner out - we figure that isn't too extravagant, seeing as watching movies and eating are the two biggest things we have in common *big grin*.

So Wednesday he came home with "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" and "Wedding Crashers" ~ we watched "Smith" on Wednesday, and it was well done - fast moving, good looking, some smart dialogue... but so much more could have been done with the premise -- maybe taking out a few of the shoot 'em up scenes... but it was entertaining. And Brad Pitt. Need I say more. Of course, I've had my eye on him since 'Thelma & Louise' so I always feel a bit territorial *ha!*

Last night we watched "The Wedding Crashers" ~ and we watched the version that wasn't released in the theaters - probably because of the 'falling on the bed boob shots', but I also think the movie slowed *way* down in the middle, and I'm hoping some of that was cut out too... better movie than I thought it would be, which still isn't high on my ratings list - but Christopher Walken is always great to watch, as is Jane Seymour (though on a personal level I know more than I should and don't like her as a person). Vince Vaughn (who I just realized was in both movies we rented) is pretty cool, too. Again, entertaining.

My soup's done now.

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