Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Shoulds and Oughttas

I really should clean my room.

I really oughtta put together my storage cubes so I have a place to put my stuff.

I REALLY need to stop coming up with excuses why I haven't done it yet.... like the Christmas stuff needs to be put away before I can put the Christmas Boxes that hold the Christmas stuff away. This is valid, yet feels like an excuse.

I procrastinate by doing other things I need to do... for instance, I just found an email address I've been thinking about needing to find to keep in touch with valuable friends from Scotland. Without the Fairgrieves I don't know how I would have survived... Rhona was willing to take me places and tell me how to find good craft resources!! And they'd pick me up for church when I wasn't driving, and she'd call me to invite me to a 'singing night' and get me started going to church again... so while it has been important to me to dig through my 800+ emails since last August to find her email address, I really need to work on my room.


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