Friday, February 03, 2006

Life Changes

I've just added some links related to a new tv show I've started TiVoing called "Starting Over" ~ it has 6 women living in a house with 2 life coaches -- dealing with trying to improve their lives and how to action the changes. I've just spent 45 minutes looking at the related websites, and some good stuff there.

On an unrelated note before I forget: Robert Scorpio showed up on General Hospital!!! I've not watched soaps since returning, but seeing that made me go search the ABC soap site and catch up on characters and story lines... man, that was an hour lost!

And I wonder where my day goes............. ANYHOOO...........

Okay ~ I believe that we have everything we need to be who we want to be inside us. God has given us the tools, the desire, the capabilities, the resources, the knowledge and the vision. We just have to trust-- make decisions based upon faith and trust - not fear. (Did you know fear is the main motivator for a lot of actions we take? It is usually what is behind our anger, our prejudices... all of our negative emotions can usually be traced back to some kind of fear)

For me, the journey between the head and the heart is years. Knowing something vs. Living something. For example: I know my eating limit. I know when I'm pleasantly satisfied. I know I can eat again soon. Yet I stuff myself. My heart is asking to be numbed, there is some issue I don't want to face. I do not conciously know what that issue is (at any particular moment or instance of overeating), but when tears come late at night without specific cause, I then know there is pain somewhere that I'm denying.

Who knew it would be so hard to find balance. And, once (if) found, balance would need work to stay that way! hrmph.

This is just really rambling now... random thoughts not strung together in a way that makes sense. Welcome to my mind :-)

I went to Curves yesterday -- YAY* -- *pats self on back* and will go this afternoon at 3pm.

Have to work on himself's birthday....

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