Friday, February 10, 2006

Where DOES the time go?!!

It is Valentines Day coming up ~ which is also himself's 40th birthday. Yikes. Starting today we'll be starting healthier eating (I won't use Diet because we really need to make some permanent changes). And I'm going to dust off the treadmill --

I feel like I've lost another week. I've been playing with technology... putting all of the quartet coaching sessions, along with my private lesson with Kim onto CD Roms to share with my quartet members, and have been losing time at the computer.

I'm breaking out with cold sore upon cold sore because I'm not doing the scrapping I need to be.

The stuff I'm doing isn't wasting time, necessarily, but what I'm doing isn't contributing to the household, that is for sure.

Crap. And I need to research Ferrets for Jon. ta ta!

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