Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Well!! What a weekend! Our quartet, Hearts Afire, had a great coaching session with Jana Gutenson, baritone of Scottsdale Chorus. Our first coaching session felt like we (at least to Carol & I) were just yelling, but now that I've had a lesson with Kim Hulbert, I understand better the vocal production issues at hand, and how to safely achieve that forward sound Jana is after. I think if bass Carol has voice lessons with Chandler, AZ resident Charla Esser, she'll find her voice -- and her vocal production challenges overcome. This second session was excellent in Barbershop Interp ~ making the song a higher scoring song with "Putting Points In The Bank" or, the scoresheet. I was quite exhausted on Monday, though. It is truly amazing how singing uses mind and body.

Monday night I went with good friends Marie & Rosalie to visit the Foothills Women's Chorus. This is a chorus I've had a small bit of history with in the past, and former Arizona Rose company member K M's mom is still a member. Ann M has a thousand-watt smile, and she is one of the kindest, sweetest people I know. She had called up Fellowship Square last year as the chorus's 'get gigs' person, and I spoke to her -- it was that conversation awhile back that was partly responsible to what led next... she is currently working as an independent contractor for senior citizen assisted living places as an occupational therapist who reaches them via crafts. She goes in for an hour, charges anywhere from $30 to $50 and teaches crafts. But she says that hour spent with them could be anything... music (scrapbooking - which is in the craft family), anything, really. She has a structure already in place, she has places that know her and trust her, and she's been wanting to let it go, but doesn't want to leave these people without anyone to follow in her footsteps.

And she says I'd be a perfect replacement! I sing, I craft, and I've been an Activities Person! Right now she's working 20 hours a week, but that is flexible. So she & I are meeting for lunch next week so she can talk to me more in depth about what it involves, and kinda walk me through things.

And I wasn't going to go to the chorus last night with my friends because I was tired (!!) God is so good.

So today I've been recording the coaching sessions onto the pc to create CD's for all quartet members, and have been filing papers and throwing away papers that have been stacking up. I will go do himself's laundry and go to Curves as soon as the Charla session is through recording, and then it is chorus night. I'm also planning to join Weight Watchers online, so need to plan something for himself's dinner.

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