Tuesday, May 16, 2006

1 year yesterday

Himself's 1-year 'living in America' anniversary was yesterday. With everything that has happened in the past year, it actually *feels* like it has been a year -- it hasn't passed by unbelievably quickly. He was talking about sending out an email with thoughts about living here a year... and in talking about jobs and future, he said he is E*X*A*C*T*L*Y where he wants to be. If someone had asked him a year ago what his perfect job would be, it would be tech support for a good software company. Well, that is exactly where he is. He had some doubts in the middle of tax season -- mostly the feeling of not knowing enough -- but now with the calls slowing down and he's Beta Testing for Quicken -- 3 months of answering emails... he's very content and happy with what he is doing. I'm thrilled that things have worked out this way.

As for me... enought wishing and wanting -- I need to choose to start making a living. My hobby has come first for the last 6 months, and now it has to take the back seat while I get my business off the ground.

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