Monday, May 29, 2006

Memorial Day 06

In my little corner of the world, the movers come tomorrow. We have many boxes yet to pack, but I think we are just at the half-way point, so progress at this point is serious progress :-). A.T. has done tremendous amounts of packing and work in clearing the family room, dining room & red bedroom so we have a place to move our stuff into. Her movers come Wednesday afternoon -- so logistically it will be a stuffed house for 24 hours -- but we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

We spent a couple hours last night over there, and I unpacked most of the kitchen -- we have so little by way of plates, glasses and cookware that there are lots of shelves with nothing on them -- gosh, how cool is that?! And a pantry... *slobber* I can't wait!

I have my little 15-minute timer that I am wearing around my neck, and 5 minutes until I have to finish this and get back to packing.

Mom & I got back from California on Friday evening around 5:30 pm, and I left for Tucson about 7:30 -- home by 10:45 or so. I had been able to nap a couple times in the car when mom drove, so I was fine, though it was a long day.

I am still sad over the loss of B.K. within the family, it was a really nice service, with lots of family and friends of hers getting up to speak and talk of memories of how much their lives had been enriched from knowing her and being loved by her. Daughter B's husband H said some really nice things, and did a great job of being the first 'talk.' All the guys had on purple shirts & ties in honor of B.K. and her favorite color... and almost everyone had on some purple or lavendar somewhere...

Thursday morning before leaving mom & I went to R.C.'s & C.J.'s "for coffee" and stayed for 5 hours -- it was his 88th birthday, so he kept getting phone calls to wish him a happy birthday (his party was Saturday) -- and my timer went off, so more later.

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