Sunday, May 20, 2007

...and one more thing

I love my new quartet.

Last Friday night and Saturday we hung out a lot because the chorus was doing Mother's Day Singing Telegrams. We did our early Friday evening gig - then we're all dressed up with no one to sing for, so we thought maybe we could go to dinner, get a discount and promote the chorus fundraiser by singing for a few dinner guests. Well, the manager only charged for drinks! We sang for two tables, and one of the mom's was so appreciative -- it was super cool.

The Tenor and the Bass of this quartet are natural sales people, and excel at selling themselves. I can sell others, but suck at selling myself, so as we get better and more experienced singing together, with these two as our marketing masters, I have no doubt that we'll be able to make this quartet pay for itself, which fits my budget so very well!!!!!

On Saturday morning we had two gigs to sing with another quartet, so we did that -- then went to breakfast at a place where the Bass and her husband regularly go, sang twice and again got free meals. Walking out to the car I said with much gusto "I LOVE this quartet!!!"

We also spent a lot of time talking about and probably solving the problems of (I'll say) the world... and I'm convinced if the Tenor & Bass got themselves in positions of authority, (I'll say) the world would be a very different place. We laugh hysterically together -- are so creative it hurts sometimes!

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