Saturday, June 30, 2007

Is it July Already?

Yikes! Only supposed to be 111 this weekend. *&%$#!!

I asked himself if I start making $35,000 can we get a pool -- after we successfully obtain a mortgage.... but enough moaning and complaining about the heat. I have a feeling it is going to be a terrific rainy season -- I don't know why I think that... but if I'm right -- cool!!

The other day I was thinking of movies that made significant impressions on me as a child -- so I thought I'd share them here... not all of them were age-appropriate, which is why they may have made an impression...

The Other Side of the Mountain - Beau Bridges & ___________. Story of an olympic skier (Jill ________ ) who had a horrible accident and it paralyzed her from the waist down. The sequel was horrible -- but the first movie is one of the first movies I remember...

Bless The Beasts and the Children -- horrid horrid feelings come back when I think of this movie. I can't remember the entire thing because I'm not sure that I've ever seen the entire thing. The theme song, sung by Karen Carpenter is excellent, though.

Buster and Billie -- Jan Michael Vincent & ____________ -- on it says the bad guy ("Whitey", in the movie) went on to fame as Freddie in 'Nightmare on Elm Street' -- I happened upon this movie while we were visiting an aunt and her new husband & family in Redwood City -- I can remember the velvet black lounge chair and crying at the end -- I was much too young to be watching this movie -- I wasn't sure what had happened at the Rape scene (not that it was shown at all -- just boys unzipping their pants) - and it was on television... but I remember being sooooo sad... and my mom coming in to check on me and asking "what are you watching?" when she saw me crying -- and I had no idea what the movie was....

From Noon til Three - Charles Bronson & Jill __________ -- I don't remember much except them dancing around and being sad (again).

Breaking Away -- Love this movie. Still love this movie

Dog Day Afternoon -- mom and uncle (the ex-husband of the aunt we were visiting when I saw Buster & Billie) took me to the theater to see this one -- I didn't get it. I remember asking my mom "Why is that man in a wedding dress?"

Escape To Witch Mountain -- love this movie. Still love this movie

Kramer vs. Kramer -- I remember being so thrilled that this was a book I read before I saw the movie (I was 11 or 12) and thinking the book was better. I learned that early.

The Paper Chase -- John Houseman -- he's awesome! Loved the series, too!!

Fun With Dick & Jane -- Jane Fonda & George Segal. The remake wasn't bad... but love the original (never forget the scene with Jane peeing while George is talking to her in the bathroom and thinking 'I'm NEVER doing that!!' - and I haven't.

Willie Wonka & The Chocolate Factory -- my aunt took me and my cousin to see this at the theater in Fremont... I ran out of the theater when Charlie & Grandpa start floating up to the top. The boat ride scared the hell out of me... but the floating to the top was the last straw -- love Gene Wilder, though. Remake was so different, but also good. Love Johnny Depp.

Oh God! - John Denver & George Burns -- who thought they'd be a good pair? But I remember the movie...

Grease. Duh.

The Bad News Bears -- Loved Walter Mattheau....

Okay -- now I can throw my stickies away.

I'm sure there's more -- there's a great story my mom tells on me when we went to see Benji in the theatre... but I'll save that for another time.


Ann(ie) said...

GOOD LIST! I too loved Kramer vs. Kramer, Grease, The Bad News Bears and Willie Wonka!!!

Nicholas said...

I love Dick & Jane. Such an immoral story but very funny andwell told. "I'll have that Bessie Jones record for you next week, Mr Smith!"

Ell said...

Bad News Bears - defo. =D

The language, if I recall was horrid, but coming from snot nosed kids... it was funny at the time.