Saturday, June 16, 2007


I've been working.

A lot.

I'm going in when I'm done writing this... himself is going to help (who am I kidding, himself is going to be supervised by me) get my pc moved from one desk to another...

I love what I'm doing. But I need to be careful because I can feel the martyrdom coming, and this is my choice. Soon. Soon.

I'll be back writing regularly soon.

And hey -- my counter hit 1,007 :-)

One really cool thing is that I have a better understanding through what I'm doing now of what my dad dedicated his life to... and having humongo conversations with him about his advice and expertise is really cool. And one of my best friends... we now have something to reconnect through since he works in a non-profit environment, too.

And by the way -- it was 105 yesterday, and the triple digits will be around for awhile!! blech.


Ann (aka: yerdoingitwrong) said...

Send some sunshine my way STAT, will you girl????? I'm cold.

C D said...

dudette ~ where'd you go?

and I WISH I were cold!!!!!!!