Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Monday night I was feeling really awful... Tuesday morning I just felt sort of rotten.

On Monday himself said I shouldn't go into work, but stay home and continue on the road to recovery. I have to admit the thought of it sounded good, but I went in for a few hours to put some things in order.

My house still needs to be put in order... figure out where the dishes should go in the kitchen... how to arrange my craft room... not to mention how to get the bathroom stuff figured out... how do we get so much stuff that is supposed to be in the bathroom? Good Grief. Baskets and baskets.... powder, lotion, sunblock, scrubbies, pumice stones, combs & brushes, hair gel, makeup, the girly stuff, himself's low-maintenance but still taking up valuable space shaving kit (not that he shaves, he's got a full beard) full of beard trimming stuff. The bathrooms have no towel racks, so I have over the door hooks for the towels, but they're woefully short on any kind of storage space.

My tooth is still tender, and I'm not feeling great, but at least I can breathe through my nose at night, therefore not waking up as if someone exchanged sandpaper for the insides of my throat.

I'll be driving up to my mom's and step-dad's for Thanksgiving today - himself will drive up with Rascal tomorrow. There's been a lot of drama between Rascal, my mom, my mom coming down to help me clean and paint and prepare the new house to move into after himself and dad worked for a week putting the door in, and step-dad L. Add to this my mom's sadness and emotions regarding me (and himself) not being in a position to buy her house. Maybe we are missing out, but the bottom line is that with L in the picture, there wouldn't be any peace. Mom wouldn't make us pay back the "Gift" of $50,000 equity that she and L proposed to help us get a loan for the other house... but L would be there pushing and commenting and questioning... and it would be miserable.

At least it will only be 7 or 8 for Thanksgiving... *whew*

oh yeah. And I turn 40 (only 4 more shopping days, 'cuz the internet will still be open *wink wink*) on Sunday. But that is another post.

I'm so thankful for so many things ~ himself, my mom, my dad, my family and good friends, my health, the abundance of blessings that we have. My thoughts go to so many good things, and I just thank God for all of us and all of it.


Teresa R. Nystrom said...

The French doors look much better than the gaping hole. I would love to have French doors instead of the sliding doors we have. I wonder how much that would cost. Have fun and we'll see you later.


Ann(ie) said...

Happy Birthday, love. Enjoy your day. What a wonderful year for you!! And I NEVER EVER EVER have enough room in my bathroom. I even took the master and gave hubby the small one. hrmmmmmpf.