Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - Favorite TV Theme songs

Since I haven't done a Thursday Thirteen in I don't know how long, I figured no one would care that it is Sunday morning.

Blatantly Copied from Chelle

Thirteen Favorite TV Theme Songs (in no particular order):

The Adams Family

The Love Boat

The Courtship Of Eddie's Father

I Dream Of Jeannie // Family Affair (these two always end up sounding like the same thing when I hum them...)

One Day At A Time

The Facts Of Life


Mork & Mindy

The Office


The Mary Tyler Moore Show

King of the Hill



The Rockford Files

Welcome Back Kotter



Mission Impossible

All In The Family

Green Acres

Hogan's Heroes

you can go here to listen to some of the above...

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